VR Art at Art Basel

This week, Swedish Photographer/Artist Jacob Felländer inaugurated his latest art exhibition “How To Unlock A Portal” at the Museum Of Contemporary Art in Miami. One significant part of the exhibition is a VR experience where visitors can travel inside one of his pictures, – an experience created by Goodbye Kansas, in close collaboration with Felländer.

Last year we worked together on the first edition of “How To Unlock A Portal”, at Fotografiska (The Swedish Museum of Photography) in Stockholm, but we’ve evolved the VR experience even further in preparation for this exhibition in Miami.

“How To Unlock A Portal” is part of Art Basel Miami, one of the most prestigious art fairs in the world. If you pass Miami the next coming three months; don’t miss it!

Interview with Jacob Felländer (in Swedish)

“How To Unlock A Portal” at MOCA

Published 1 month ago