Goodbye Kansas Studios opens studio in Vancouver

Goodbye Kansas Studios has decided to open a studio in Vancouver, Canada, one of the world’s most important hubs for production of VFX for film and TV. The studio will open in October 2021 and will play an important role in attracting talent and increasing presence where the company’s customers operate. The studio will entirely be financed by VFX-projects and initially only use a work-for-hire model which means that the studio will have a positive impact on the company’s working capital from start.

With growing demand in the VFX market following the pandemic, the need for qualified VFX personnel is greater than ever. Vancouver has since many years established itself as an important hub for VFX studios, partly due to the beneficial taxation scheme and the proximity to customers. The pop-up studio is a cost effective way to come closer to potential customers and partners and enables Goodbye Kansas to build on its momentum.

“The pandemic has taught us to work effectively remotely and utilize cloud infrastructure. The new studio will make use of all these advantages. Hence no investments are needed in facilities for recording or traditional hardware, investments which have historically been necessary when establishing new studios,” says Markus Manninen, Managing Director at Goodbye Kansas Studios.

The new studio will be led by Peter Muyzers, who is already based in Vancouver. Peter has extensive experience from the VFX industry and has worked with Goodbye Kansas Studios since 2018 with mainly customers in North America.

“Goodbye Kansas Studios in Vancouver will add capacity and a fully flexible cost base as we now face increased demand for VFX productions. The studio will grow organically in line with the productions it brings in and it requires a limited investment to create an increased international presence and to deepen collaborations with both existing and new customers. So the studio will have a positive impact on the company’s working capital from start,” says Peter Levin, CEO of Goodbye Kansas Group.

Press release Oct 14, 2021

Published 2 years ago