Maisie Williams digital twin for H&M

Bublar subsidiary Goodbye Kansas Studios has delivered VFX for a new global commercial for H&M and created a digital twin of actress Maisie Williams.

The film is about H&M’s new initiative “Looop”, where old clothes can be recycled to create new fabric for new clothes. The commercial is produced by NewLand and directed by Joanna Nordahl. Goodbye Kansas provided Visual Effects (VFX) and in the end of the film Maisie Williams turns into a digital version of herself. To create that effect Goodbye Kansas scanned the actress and created a fully digital animated avatar version of her: a digital twin.

“We usually create photorealistic highly expressive and detailed digital humans for the games and film industry, however this occasion called for a more stylised treatment as H&M wanted to clearly differentiate between live Maisie and the digital Maisie, which we were happy to provide” said Jan Cafourek, Executive Producer at Goodbye Kansas Studios.

Goodbye Kansas creates hundreds of digital faces every year and revenues from projects with Capture alone increased by almost 50 percent for 2020 compared to 2019.

“Goodbye Kansas expertise in creating Digital Humans can be used in so many different fields. Capture technology, which is the base for creating digital twins, is becoming an increasingly important part of our offer and the demand for productions where there is a need for this advanced technology is growing steadily. I am confident that Maisie Williams won’t be the last celebrity that will get a digital twin created by us” said Peter Levin, CEO at Bublar Group.

The film was released April 12th and there are already plans for more productions featuring the digital version of Maisie Williams.

Read more about the project and see the film here.

Press release, Stockholm April 13, 2021

Published 2 years ago