Yellow Brick Road

#31 – Overkill’s The Walking Dead: Mission Accomplished

In the launch trailer for Starbreeze’s game ”Overkill’s The Walking Dead” we meet the four main characters of the game on one of their missions, a night raid into an enemy camp surrounded by undead walkers. In ep#31 of Yellow Brick Road Director Fred Löfberg and Art Director Mikael Widegren takes us behind the scenes. How was the trailer made, and how does it feel now when the fifth and last trailer for the game is released, roughly two years after the start of this massive trailer project?

Links to stuff we talk about in this episode:
”Overkill’s The Walking Dead” launch trailer
”Overkill’s The Walking Dead: Aidan”, character trailer & VFX breakdown
”Overkill’s The Walking Dead: Maya” character trailer & VFX breakdown
”Overkill’s The Walking Dead: Grant” character trailer & VFX Breakdown
”Overkill’s The Walking Dead: Heather” character trailer
”Sicario” (2015) – trailer

Yellow Brick Road – team ep #31
Producer and host: Nils Lagergren
Editor: Tom Waldton
Mastering: Samuel Tyskling
Coordinator: Malin Tvedt
“Yellow Brick Road theme” by Peter Blomstrand
Podcast recorded at Mynewsdesk, Stockholm 



Published 5 years ago