Visual storytelling for clients worldwide

With a strong focus on Character Design & development, Character Animation and high end VFX, Goodbye Kansas works with international production companies and advertising agencies worldwide. 

Our experienced Character & Creature designers know how to create iconic characters, and our skilled animators breath true life and soul into them creating compelling storytelling. Characters range from photorealistic to cartoony, and creatures include both photorealistic animals from the real animal kingdom and creatures drawn from the creative minds of our artists.

We pride ourselves that every part of your production will be treated with the same attention to detail and quality, since we have dedicated teams for every step. This is why our clients can expect expertise in any special field as well as a reliable partner for the entire production.


Services include

  • Budgeting & Technical Consulting
  • Feasibility tests/PreVizualisation
  • Social Media & Print
  • Script Development
  • Concept Art
  • Boardomatics
  • Creature & Character Development
  • Asset build
  • 3D Character Animation
  • Lighting & Rendering
  • OnSet Supervision
  • FX simulations (smoke, fire, water, ice, snow)
  • Digital Set Extensions
  • CG environments (3D & DMP)
  • Motion Capture,
  • 3D Face & Body scanning
  • RealTime VFX expertise
  • VFX Compositing
  • Grading & Online (in Stockholm and Hamburg)
  • Finishing & Mastering