Tech demo “Troll”

We are very happy to present the cinematic Unreal Engine tech demo “Troll”, showcased at Epic Games “State of Unreal” at GDC 2019.

Goodbye Kansas teams in Los Angeles and Stockholm worked closely together with Epic, Unreal, Deep Forest Films and 3Lateral to make this ground-breaking demo come together.


Client: Epic Games, Infinite Entertainment, Deep Forest Films
Director: Björne Larson
Screenplay: Björne Larson
Actor: Alicia Vikander
Music: Ludwig Göransson, Joseph Shirley

Goodbye Kansas Cinematic Team:
VFX Supervisor: Shaun Comly
Real-time Supervisor: Anton Palmqvist
Animation Supervisor: Staffan Linder
Art Director: Andrée Wallin
DoP: Mattias Häggström
Executive Producers: Fredrik Löving, Tobias Dahl, Tom Olsson
Producers: Andrea Sorset, Chuck Beaver, Matilda Olsson, Thomas Oger
Production Coordinators: Anna Thenberg, Alexander Darrell
Concept Artists: Christopher Brändström, Mikael Widegren
Lead Character Artist: Arda Koyuncu
Lead Modeler: Daniel Bystedt
Environment Artists: David Baldwin, Gustav Alexandersson, Darko Pracic
Lead Environment Look Development : Jesper Bardhamre
Look Development Artists: Andreas Leijon, Lukas McBride
Technical Artists: Elias Kremer, Mica Olsson
Lead FX: Martin Widö
FX Artists: David Vestin, Jason Simmons, Joakim Olsson, Ludvig Jonsson
Lead Character FX: Ludvig Eliasson
Animators: Blake Guest, Jonas Ekman, Jonathan Skifs, Christina Sidoti
Lead Rigging: Peter Jemstedt
Rigging TD: Mattias Nyberg
Lighting Artists: Patrik Lindkvist, Sean Kalamgi, Shaun Comly
Lead Layout: Oliver Askew
Head of Pipeline: Erik Johansson
Pipeline: Blake Sweeney, Dane Bettis
System Administrators: Tomas Ericsson, Gabi Gharib, Emil Ferdinandsson, Pär Åslund

Goodbye Kansas Studios Capture Division:
Executive producer: Anton Söderhäll
Producer: Andrea Wästlund
Motion Capture Supervisor: Samuel Tyskling
Head of Motion Capture: Sigtor Kildal
Facial Capture Supervisor: Goran Milic
FACS Director: Goran Milic
Motion Capture Lead: David Grice
Head of Facial Rigging: Nils Lerin
Body Animators: Frida Nilsson, Marco Sjöberg, Dusan Vlatkovic
Body & Face Animation Department Coordinator: Jessica Oh
Pipeline: Linus Fredriksson
Motion Capture Department Coordinator: Isa Olai
HMC Operator: Daniel Ljungmark
Facial Animators: Antonija Milic, Matthew Curran
Junior Motion Capture Technician: Oskar Olsson

Programming, character lookdev, lighting: Epic Games

Facial scan, character lookdev, animation: 3Lateral

Mocap stage: Rouge

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