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PUBLISHED 3 months ago

New project with Simon Stålenhag & Måns Mårlind

Goodbye Kansas Studios sister company Infinite Entertainment will produce a new TV-series, a science fiction thriller named ‘Endymion’. Måns Mårlind, the co-creator of ‘The Bridge’, will adapt critically acclaimed artist Simon Stålenhag’s new literary title into a three season event series. Goodbye Kansas Studios will deliver VFX for the series. Infinite Entertainment, a production company within […] Read more...

PUBLISHED 4 months ago

Yellow Brick Road #62

This week we discuss the coolest space bounty hunters of them all: Spike Spiegel, Jet Black and Faye Valentine in the classic anime series Cowboy Bebop – recently adapted as a live action series on Netflix. Goodbye Kansas Lighting Lead Ivor da Silva talks about his passion for anime in general – and Cowboy Bebop […] Read more...

PUBLISHED 4 months ago

Yellow Brick Road #61

Let’s talk real time production! In episode 61 of Yellow Brick Road, Realtime Artists Tim Hermes and Henrik Melsom discuss Unreal Engine 5, how game engines are changing the VFX industry and how Unreal Engine and its peers are used in the Goodbye Kansas Studios production pipeline. Also: what’s the difference between working on the […] Read more...