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PUBLISHED 1 year ago

Yellow Brick Road goes Egyptian

Have you seen the trailer for Creative Assembly’s upcoming game “Total War: Pharaoh”? Then you know that the main character of the trailer is an… insect. A scarab beetle to be exact. How did Goodbye Kansas come up with that idea and how was the trailer produced? In episode 70 of our podcast Yellow Brick […] Read more...

PUBLISHED 1 year ago

Technical breakdown of our God of War trailer

How do you create a successful trailer for a game like God of War? And how can you make the most of all the advantages of a USD pipeline in the process? In this article in Motiongrapher VFX Supervisor Henrik Eklundh and CG Supervisor takes us through the steps of the creation process. Read more...

PUBLISHED 1 year ago

Welcome to Carnival Row

Welcome to a world where fairies and mythical creatures walk the foggy streets of the late 1800s. In episode 69, Yellow Brick Road’s Nils Lagergren sits down with Executive Producer Matilda Olsson, VFX Supervisor Joel Lindman and Animation stalwart Staffan Linder to talk about Goodbye Kansas’ VFX production for season 2 of Prime Video’s Carnival […] Read more...