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PUBLISHED 2 months ago

Yellow Brick Road #63

Follow us out on the high seas, as director Emnet Mulugeta and VFX Supervisor Henrik Eklundh share stories from the production of the trailer for Ubisoft’s game “Skull & Bones”, produced by Goodbye Kansas Studios. How was the trailer made, what were the challenges and how do you use performance capture to convey feelings, moods […] Read more...

PUBLISHED 2 months ago

Simon Stålenhag directs game trailer

Goodbye Kansas Studios has produced a trailer for Funcom’s game Dune Awakening. The game is inspired by the Legendary Pictures’ movie adaptation of Frank Herbert’s classical sci-fi books. The game trailer has been directed by the visionary artist and author Simon Stålenhag and he has thereby directed his first game trailer. “The collaboration with Goodbye […] Read more...

PUBLISHED 3 months ago

Collaboration with Bill Skarsgård

Goodbye Kansas has made a name as a creative studio with unique expertise about performance capture, full CG productions (computer-generated), digital humans and virtual productions. Now the Group’s subsidiaries Infinite Entertainment and Goodbye Kansas Studios have ventured into a collaboration with actor Bill Skarsgård’s company Longships Entertainment, to develop not only a brand new IP […] Read more...