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PUBLISHED 1 week ago

Yellow Brick Road #54

In episode 54 of the podcast Yellow Brick Road we dive into the production of the VFX for BBC’s biggest drama hit series of 2021: the submarine thriller “Vigil”.  VFX Supervisor Jim Parsons and VFX producer Desirée Rydén from Goodbye Kansas Studios takes us behind the scenes, share stories about the production and pick their […] Read more...

PUBLISHED 3 weeks ago

VFX for Amazon

Goodbye Kansas Studios has delivered Visual Effects for Amazon’s new feature film “Birds of Paradise” Goodbye Kansas Studios was the primary VFX vendor for the production and the team was led by VFX Supervisor Jason M. Halverson and VFX Producer Paula Pope, in collaboration with Studio OMZ. The film is an adaptation of the novel […] Read more...

PUBLISHED 1 month ago


Goodbye Kansas Studios has delivered visual effects for BBC’s upcoming thriller series “Vigil” and was the main vendor for all VFX throughout the series, including the creation of the nuclear submarine Vigil and digital water effects. The first episode of Vigil premiered on BBC One and BBC iPlayer August 29 and attracted an audience of […] Read more...