Extraordinary visual experiences

Goodbye Kansas Studios creates award-winning VFX, digital animation and perfomance capture for film, TV-series, games, gametrailers and commercials.

Iconic characters and stories that define popular culture

Goodbye Kansas Studios aims to be intimately associated with the most iconic characters and stories of popular culture by pure force of imagination and technical excellence. Our award-winning wizards in VFX, CGI, motion capture and animations have played a role in the TV, movies, game trailers and commercials that define popular culture all over the world.

Meet some of our team members.

Peter Blomstrand
Senior Compositor

Peter studied at GTV Television School before joining the Visual Art gang that went on to become Bläck Studios – today a vital part of the Goodbye Kansas core team of artists. Peter is especially proud of his work on “Battlefield 3 – Man of Fire", "Warhammer: End Times", "God of War: Ascension" and "Raid: World War II". In his free time he’s working on his Spitfire airplane model. He’s been building this wood and plastic model for four years – but soon it’s ready to fly! Let’s hope it won’t end up like so many planes in the explosive game trailers he has worked on...

Marie Zamayeri
Payroll Manager

Marie always knew she wanted to work with people, and started out with the tiny version: toddlers and children, when she was working with childcare. She soon got hooked on the administration part of the job and jumped ship to the advertising world, where she worked as Production & Operations Manager and enjoyed coaching people to evolve and reach their goals. She joined the Goodbye Kansas family in 2018.
Marie loves cooking – especially Iranian food – and is a sucker for vintage compute games like Super Mario. She’s also the proud owner of a dog, a pug called Nachos Maximus!

James Prosser
Head of Production UK, Executive Producer

James began his VFX career at The Moving Picture Company (MPC) working on “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”. Other MPC credits include many of the most complex VFX projects of the time, including “Kingdom of Heaven”, “10,000 BC” and “Prince Caspian: Chronicles of Narnia”. After leaving MPC, James was VFX Supervisor at ZOO where he oversaw all VFX production. He also worked together with Sir David Attenborough on the BAFTA winning “Natural History Museum Alive” and “Flying Monsters 3D”. James was awarded an Emmy for his work on “First Life”, also with Sir David Attenborough, from which he later produced an award winning large audience VR experience. Having collaborated with the Goodbye Kansas team for many years, discussions led to the launch of Goodbye Kansas UK in 2016. He’s now Head of Production of our UK studio.

Alexis Andersson
Senior Lighting Artist

Alexis has always been into art. He started out as a graffiti artist but soon realized he wanted to marry that passion with the technical possibilities of digital graphics and VFX. Whilst living in Portugal, he started studying Graphic Design and soon developed a passion for working with 3D.  After a shorter stint at Swiss and ILP VFX in Stockholm, he joined the Goodbye Kansas family in 2016.

Frans Åkerman
3D Artist

Frans studied at Digital Graphics at Nackademin in Stockholm before starting to freelance as 3D artist. Not before long he joined the Goodbye Kansas family and since then he has worked on projects of all sizes. He especially enjoyed working on the big AAA trailers for “Overkill’s The Walking Dead” and the gruesome grinder sequence in episode 810 of “The Walking Dead”.
When he’s not working he likes to spend time with his family, paint and spend time in the garden at his summer house. And take care of his vintage motorbike.

Gustaf Holmsten
Creative Director, Head of Directors

Gustaf Holmsten started his career in 2005 as a 3D Artist/Motion Designer, before pursuing a career as Art Director, working with commercials and promotion for TV shows like “Nip/Tuck” and “The Shield”. Gustaf is a key member of the Goodbye Kansas Cinematics team, a group that – under different names – has existed for close to ten years. As Art Director for Goodbye Kansas Studios he is managing the creative process for a wide span of game related projects, with clients such as EA, Massive, Ubisoft, BioWare, Dice, Sony Computer Entertainment and Avalanche. He also supervised the entire re-branding of the Goodbye Kansas Universe in 2017.

Ida Ekmyr
Office Manager

Ida, Office Manager at one of our Uppsala studios, has studied both healthcare and dietary services. In addition, she also has a formal education as a florist. In other words, she knows everything about how to make our office feel just like home. We are fortunate to be in such good hands; we really want our studios to feel like home for all our artists.

Daniel Norlund
Senior Compositor, VFX Supervisor, Head of Compositing

It all started with Peter Jackson’s “Bad Taste” behind-the-scenes film. Daniel watched it on VHS and got hooked on film making and visual effects. After studies at GScept in Skellefteå he joined our team as compositor in 2005. Daniel’s technical and creative skills has been put to great use in numerous projects through the years, both with our teams in Stockholm and in Vancouver – working at Image Engine (“Elysium”) and ILM (“Captain America: Civil War”, “Valerian” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”).
Daniel loves photography and cameras. And during the winter season he spends lots of time in the ski slopes, preferably off-piste.

Jennifer McSpadden
Senior Motion Capture Supervisor

Jennifer has been cultivating her film career since childhood, markedly starting with her high school’s daily live news show.  In her undergraduate studies, she focused on film editing and on-set script supervision, and received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Film and Television in 2009 from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia USA.  Then, somehow not completely fed up with schooling, she pursued her Master of Fine Arts degree, also from SCAD, majoring in Visual Effects and concentrating on Motion Capture and completing a thesis that centered on Procedural Game Environment Design in Houdini.  Upon graduating, she started working for Giant Studios / Profile Studios until 2019. Jennifer was the on-set RealTime System Operator for “Thor 3: Ragnarok”, “Avengers: Infinity War”, and “Avengers: Endgame”, as well as a part of the Virtual Production previsualization teams that helped make possible projects such as Marvel’s “Black Panther” and “The Mandalorian”. Jennifer was also proud to have worked on various other projects, such as “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, “Halo 5: Guardians”, and “Spiderman: Far From Home”.
When she is not at work, Jennifer enjoys spending time with family, tinkering with her 3D printer, knitting hats and scarves, and as a recent Los Angeles transplant, exploring local hiking trails in search of a forgiving field in which to pilot her drone’s maiden voyage (fingers crossed!).  

Henrik Klein
Senior VFX Editor, Head of Editorial

Henrik – member of our core team – started working with media over ten years ago, initially focusing on classic post production. A man of many talents, Henrik studied Audio Visual Media Design in Frankfurt, Germany and juggled compositing, editing, conforming, online and post production. In 2013, he moved to Sweden. Just before joining us, he worked as VFX Supervisor on the Swedish family film “Siv sover vilse” and was nominated for best VFX “Guldbagge” at the Swedish Film Awards. Henrik loves hiking, photography and motorcycles. As all artists, he is passionate about what he does and believes in, and has been very active in both the animal rights and environmental movements. He once spent six months in the Antarctic waters, chasing whale hunters. And met his future wife in the process.

James Sutton
Head of 3D

Trips to the London Design museum as a nipper and spending hours there making flip book animations undoubtedly sowed an early seed. A graduate from Bournemouth university with a BA in computer visualisation and animation led to his first gig at Framestore. During 4 years spent at Framestore as a CG Generalist his most memorable titles include "Avatar", "Where the Wild Things Are" and “The holy grail”, a Christmas Coca Cola ad. He joined Bluebolt VFX to work on a then 'unknown' TV series where a year later he would be nominated for a VES Award owing to his work on the baby dragons "Game of Thrones" season one. 
Joining Goodbye Kansas in January 2017 his eye detail and creative intuition has made him a core member of the London team. We're delighted he's earned his first CG Supervisor credit with us for his work on "Robin Hood". Spends his spare time mostly wearing neoprene or lycra!! 

Aaron Masih
CG Generalist

After achieving a BA in Visual Effects for Film and Television at the University of Hertfordshire, Aaron started his career at Absolute Post, where he built his foundations as a 3D Generalist delivering stunning visuals for commercials, film and television in a fast-paced advertising environment. As well as experience in the studio, Aaron has on-set production experience as a 3D Lead for a number of commercial projects. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys working on his own personal projects, which includes short films and music videos.

Anders Singstedt
Talent Acquisition

Anders started his career in media as on-line artist, but soon moved on to line producer. He joined our team in the early 2004s and is now head of our Talent Acquisition department, finding all the talented artists we need for all our productions. When he’s not working he enjoys outdoor activities, and especially cycling in all forms. Anders is the proud owner of no less than 5 bikes and competes as much as possible. In 2016 he came 10th place in the Swedish nationals in mountainbike marathon.

Oliver Askew
Senior Layout Artist, Head of Layout

Growing up watching Star Wars Oliver felt enthralled by the Star Wars universe and wanted to create magic for the big screen. He got a job at Weta's Camera Department and from there he moved into layout and joined ILM. Soon enough he had fulfilled his childhood dream working on no less than two Star Wars films! He also worked on films like “Avatar”, “Ninja Turtles 1”, “The Great Gatsby”, “District 9” and the Bond movie “Spectre”. In 2018 he moved to Sweden and joined the Goodbye Kansas team.
When he's not working, he competes in Brazilian Jiiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Submission Wrestling, and Goodbye Kansas is proud sponsor of these activities . He is very passionate about both sport and digital productions. And passion is a word that describes the Goodbye Kansas spirit very well!

Aleksandra Czenczek

Aleksandra has 15 years experience as a Visual Effects Artist. She has been working as a Compositor on films and TV series such as 'Chernobyl', 'Discovery of Witches', 'Behind her eyes', 'Suburbicon' and 'Outlander' among others. In 2011 together with the team, she received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction for her visual effects work on 'First Life with David Attenborough' and they have been further nominated for an Emmy in 2016 and 2017. Recently she also worked on the set of 'Behind Her Eyes' and '355' alongside the VFX supervisors.
Apart from her VFX work Aleksandra is also an award winning Writer/Director. Her micro budget feature film 'Dolls Can’t Cry' and four short films have been screened at more than 80 film festivals worldwide and received many awards. Most recent short 'Last Day of Summer' won Young Artist Academy Awards in Los Angeles for Best Performance (also known as 'kiddies Oscars') as well as Afrodite Award for Best International Short in Rome. She is developing her second feature film 'Mother' and a short pilot for dystopian TV series 'Breathe'.

Katie Brown
VFX Coordinator

Katie studied History and American Studies at Nottingham University and spent one year as student in Ontario, Canada. She still wasn't 100% sure what she wanted to do after university and initially she worked at the Campaign for Real Ale and got to learn lots about ale and work at loads of beer festivals throughout the country.
But soon she got interested in working in TV and Film, and after a stint as Runner at an editing house she became Receptionist and Front of House Manager there. They had a small VFX studio and it sparked her interest in VFX and she decided to pursue a career in VFX Production. She worked for over a year at MPC as Production Coordinator on "The Lion King" and "Ad Astra" and joined Goodbye Kansas in 2019.
Katie is passionate about dance and has done ballet classes since she was 4 and tries to keep it up still and attend contemporary, commercial or ballet classes as often as she can. She also loves baking, going to the cinema and walking in the countryside with a pub at the end.

Ebba Levin
Planning Coordinator

Ebba joined the Goodbye Kansas Front desk team in 2013, back in the days when Goodbye Kansas still consisted of several smaller studios operating under different names. A few years later she left the company, embarking on a trip to the other side of world. After eight months in Asia and Australia - and a year of studies at Linnaeus University in Kalmar - she returned to Goodbye Kansas in 2017, but this time joining our Marketing department. In 2020 she moved on to production as Planning Coordinator.
Ebba is also a master of movie music - pick a movie and she will know the theme song!

Alex Balmer

Alex started in commercials at Prime Focus in London back in 2013 after a random stint studying Criminology and Sociology at university. Wanting to move into film and television, Alex got the chance to work on two of her favourite shows - “Doctor Who” and “Sherlock” at Milk VFX for three years. In between the “Doctor Who” series she freelanced around London working on various projects including “The Autopsy of Jane Doe” and British indie “The Girl with all the Gifts”, before finding a home with the team at Goodbye Kansas in early 2017.
When she's not comping away at work or playing with the office French Bulldog Mylo, Alex likes cycling, drinking rosé at the pubs of Soho, exploring the world, “Coronation Street”, and experimenting with various concoctions (some nice, some disastrous, mainly too spicy for normal human consumption) in the kitchen.

Peter Jemstedt
Rigging TD

It was computer games with full 3D environments that drew Peter into the VFX business. Early on, he realized what his role would be in the industry; the technical challenge of rigging was his passion. It took him an odd three years of study and two years of off-and-on 3D jobs, mostly as a modeler, to find such a position. In 2014, we contacted Peter for a job offer. He thought it was a modeling task – but luckily, for him and us – it was a rigging project right up his alley; production of a “Dragon Age: Inquisition” game trailer, a project with both dragons and magic. Finally, the devoted fantasy nerd Peter was at home ...

Hannes Drossel
Lead Lighting TD, Supervisor, Head of Lighting Department

Hannes has loved gaming and computers graphics ever since his older brother introduced him to classics like C64, Spectrum and Amiga back in the 80s. Already in high school, together with friends Hannes created computer games and an animated short film about a love thirsty robot only capable of communicating through Arnold Schwarzenegger soundbites. After finishing Computer graphics and Art studies at the uni, he got his first position at Kaktus Film where he worked with animated music videos and motion graphics for TV - and “The Annoying Thing” (a.k.a. ”Crazy Frog”). As Lead Lighting Artist at Milford Film for several years, Hannes created commercials for international clients, including the all time high award winning commercial for Spanish Loteria Nacional. He's been enjoying the inclusive company culture within the Goodbye Kansas family since 2016, and is keen on sharing his love for workflows and pipelines helping the creative process in CG and VFX productions.
Besides being a devoted family man, Hannes enjoys relaxing in his collection of Danish Designer Furniture from the 60s.

Mara Angioletti

After finishing her studies in Stage and Costume Design for Theatre, and working as an assistant aid teacher, Mara left Italy to work and travel in New Zealand and Australia for a couple of years. Mara started an internship as a VFX Compositor at Darkhorse10 in Vancouver, Canada, after attending a year course for Nuke Compositors. In 2017, she moved to the UK where she landed a job at Milk VFX for 1.5 years working on TV series and movies. In 2019 she had the opportunity to work at Outpost VFX in Bournemouth on “Black Mirror”, before returning to London at Milk VFX. She then joined the Goodbye Kansas family in summer 2019. After moving around for about 5 years Mara now looks forward to settling in London (at least for a few years).

Davide Bigotto
3D Artist

After achieving his diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications, Davide lived and worked in Thailand for the IT department of a steel company. Four years later, Davide returned to Europe to complete a CG course at Escape Studios London. He then started as a 3D Artist at a small studio in his Italian hometown for the next three years. Davide moved back to London where he progressed from Matchmove to 3D Generalist at One of Us, winning a BAFTA for the Netflix series ‘The Crown’. In April 2018, Davide joined Goodbye Kansas as a 3D Generalist where, after a short time at Blue-Zoo Animation, he found his stride with the 3D team in London. Outside of computers, he is a fan (and former player) of baseball and is enjoying getting back into playing the trumpet.

Calle Granström
Senior Compositor

Calle has always been into visual experiences. Inspired by his older brother’s video art he ventured into the visual field when he was still at school. Among other things he created an art film that was shown at over 40 film festivals around the globe. After graduation from Nackademin in Stockholm he joined Visual Art, and met many of his future colleagues – that later on would become Bläck, and eventually evolved into Goodbye Kansas. Calle is involved in most of our game cinematics projects. He’s especially proud of his work on Andrée Wallin’s short film “State Zero”, now being developed into a TV series.

Jamie Buckingham
Junior Compositor

Jamie studied Visual Effects and Motion Graphics at the University of South Wales after which he joined the industry working with Goodbye Kansas London as a VFX runner. Jamie has a true passion for film and always finds it inspiring to see new ways to tell your story. Additionally a games lover, he enjoys to play but also discover new ideas and how they can be applied to film. The retro fighting game SSB Melee is what he currently enjoys playing the most. Now working as a junior within the compositing team he looks forward to facing and overcoming new challenges on the exciting projects coming up.

Thomas Oger
Senior Producer

Thomas studied animation production at Gobelins Animation School in Paris, and soon ventured into Motion Capture. In 2010 he moved to Stockholm where he worked for several commercials, short films and interactive experiences. He joined Goodbye Kansas in 2016.

Adam Vadi Dries
VFX Coordinator

Adam's creative career started out with photography in 2009 and after studying at Stockholm School of Photography he freelanced as a photographer for a few years before he found VFX and decided to change his path. He studied compositing at Campus i12 in Eksjö and after graduation he freelanced for The Chimney Pot, Tint Post and Pixomondo before joining Goodbye Kansas as VFX Coordinator in 2019. Adam feels that the coordinator job is perfect for him since he gets to work with several different aspects of a VFX production and work closely with many different kinds of artists, learning new things every day.
Besides VFX, Adam is also passionate about music, games, brewing his own beer and playing airsoft, a less messy version of paintball.

Erik Johansson
Pipeline TD, Head of Pipeline / Development

Erik has been the beating heart of our technical pipeline ever since he joined our team in 2012. With a degree in “Master of Science in Media Technology and Engineering” from the University of Linköping, he has an amazing ability to improve and evolve the pipeline, constantly pushing the borders to make us even more efficient and reliable.
He is probably Sweden’s biggest fan of the US sketch comedy series “Whitest Kids U’ Know”, having watched all five seasons three times.

Jonathan Forefält
Stage Coordinator

The Northerner Jonathan is a man for all seasons. His main focus at Goodbye Kansas is the Capture division and all the Performance Capture shoots we do at our brand new Mo Cap stage in Stockholm. But he's is also involved in many other projects at Goodbye Kansas, including planning, arranging and managing our presence at events like Nordsken and being the mastermind behind unique in-house events and many of the epic Goodbye Kansas parties, all done in close collaboration with our Frontdesk team.

Jonathan Skifs

Jonathan is always up for a challenge. At high school he once signed up for performing on stage in front of the entire school, without even having tried to play the instrument he was supposed to master. Of course it all went well. And when he decided he wanted to work with Visual Effects, he was just as stubborn to make it happen. He started with homemade practical and makeup effects. But with a shoestring budget he soon turned to CG, especially Blender software that helps create and build anything without budget limitations. Then, Jonathan went on to Nackademin and realized that he wanted to focus on animation. Consequently, his next step was the U.S. online school Animation Mentor. And not before long Jonathan was a member of our core animation team.

Lydia Kenton
Junior 3D Artist

Lydia is a recent graduate from Bournemouth University having studied Computer Visualisation and Animation. Goodbye Kansas has been Lydia’s introduction into the professional world of VFX. During this time she has thoroughly enjoyed working alongside industry professionals and learning from their collective knowledge and experience. Lydia aspires to become a 3D Generalist as computer animation has been a passion that she carried through her childhood. Lydia is excited to one day see her name in the end credits on the big screen!

Charlotte Larive

After graduating from Artfx in 2011, Charlotte started in one of the most iconic VFX studio in Paris, Duran Duboi. Following the closure of the latter, she crossed the Channel to join Nvizible. After a few years and a few encounters with future Goodbye Kansas employees, her journey continued across the Atlantic where MPC, then Framestore enrolled her. Missing the old Europe, she came back to London in 2017 to join Goodbye Kansas forces. In her luggages, she brought back many stories of people with extraordinary powers, legendary heroes or unexplored territories, such as : “The Martian”, “King Arthur”, “Kingsman: The secret service” or “Miss Peregrine's home of peculiar children”. Many stories are yet to be told ! To be continued...

Roger Sundberg
3D-Scanning, Technical R&D

Roger has always loved to create stuff. As a child he loved to draw, paint and work with his hands. As a teenager he got his first computer. It was unfortunately broken, but such minor obstacles have never stopped Roger. He just repaired it and started programming. Not before long he was deep into the world of programming, digital art and web design. He also got into photography and it was through that interest that he met Sigtor Kildal – now his colleague at one of our Uppsala studios.
Roger was recruited to help Sigtor and his team build the advanced 3D scanning rig that now has evolved into one of the best in the world, and Roger is deeply involved in every 3D scanning project that is carried out in Uppsala. He loves to push the technical borders further and will never rest until he’s satisfied with the result.
Roger’s technical wizardy has also been put to use when he has built control systems for universities and numerous companies. One of his climate control systems earned him them Astra Zeneca Energy Saving prize in a world wide competition.

Jörgen Lilja
Executive Producer

Jörgen started out in the entertainment business over 15 years ago, working with live shoots, commercials and music videos. As Producer at Visual Art he supervised numerous projects of all sizes, constantly building his network of creatives and agencies, getting more and more hooked by the wonders of the digital world. In 2014 he and his team formed Bläck Studios – today a vital part of the Goodbye Kansas operations. Over the years, Jörgen has helmed plenty of large projects, including commercial projects like the multi-awarded web campaign “Nike – Your Year. Directed by Nike+” - in close collaboration with AKQA - and many AAA game trailers and cinematics, including all of the multi awarded character trailers for "Overkill's The Walking Dead" and the hugely successful "Cyberpunk 2077" trailers.

Guillermo Algora

After graduating from Audiovisual Communication in 2015, Guillermo continued his studies in Compositing at Escape Studios in London. He began working with us on the film "Suburbicon", soon after the opening of the Goodbye Kansas studio in London. Some of his credits with the company include "Victoria", "Outlander", "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan", "A Discovery of Witches" and "Robin Hood (2018)". He is passionate about film, and has a multidisciplinary background that includes video, motion graphics and photography (of the latest, what he enjoys most is shooting on analog).

Hampuz Aronsson
Junior Facial Rigging Artist

After studying to Technical Artist at Bleking Technical High School, Hampuz joined the game design program at Uppsala University in Visby. He loves all parts of the digital craft, including modeling, texturizing, programming and AI - but has a special interest in fascial animation and in 2019 he joined the Facial department at Goodbye Kansas Studios.
Having grown up at a farm, Hampuz loves animals and he likes to unwind at the gym or to spend quality time in front of the stove; cooking is one of his favorite hobbies.

Anna Thenberg
VFX Coordinator

Anna started her journey in the VFX business in 2011, with studies at Campus i12 as her starting point. With 3D as her main focus, she went on to work in Denmark where she worked as an artist, but as time went, segued into production. Working for Duckling A/S and WilFilm ApS during her time in Denmark, LEGO was the client that developed her knowledge in commercial, short-format and long-format workflows.  Later on she moved to Germany to work as Jr VFX Coordinator, on projects such as “Thor: Ragnarok”, “Captain Marvel” and “Lost In Space”.
In 2018 she joined Goodbye Kansas Studios in Stockholm as a VFX Coordinator and has since worked on plenty of projects, including the multi-awarded “Overkill’s The Walking Dead” character trailers.
When she’s not at work she enjoys doing yoga, struggling with learning how to draw and cuddling with her cat whenever time is given. She claims to be a “terrible cook”, but so far no one has run away whenever she does offer to cook, so she's probably not too bad. 

Tom Olsson
Executive Producer, Head of Production; Infinite Entertainment

Film and comic book enthusiast Tom begun his career as an illustrator, and still enjoys drawing and painting whenever he finds the time. Tom is also a true games pioneer. Already in the 1990s, he founded Korkeken, one of Sweden’s first video game developers. Since then he has worked as CEO, Producer and Creative at Oblivion and Hidden Entertainment. Tom was also one of the creators of the massive multiplayer game “Starstable”. In 2010 he shifted focus towards VFX and the film industry, and worked as VFX Producer on several Swedish feature films before he joined the team that would become Bläck Studios. Tom is one of Goodbye Kansas Executive Producers and has supervised several large productions, including many of our Asian projects. Since 2015 he’s also running Infinite Entertainment, the IP and content development company of the Goodbye Kansas group.

Richard Vosper-Carey
3D Artist

A former Graphic Designer and CG Arts & Animation graduate, Richard began his career in visual effects as a Runner where he met some of the London team. As an early member of the team he has seen Goodbye Kansas grow and go from strength to strength. Within his first year in VFX he’s worked on a varied range of shows including “Suburbicon” and “Robin Hood”.  A huge movie and motorcycle enthusiast you will catch him riding in and out of work on his bike.

Cecilia Ohlsson
HR Administrator

Cecilia studied HR at Stockholm University and combined her studies with an internship at Bonnier Education. Next step was a position as HR/Community Coordinator at the Swedish start-up Tech Troopers, a company devoted to tech support. And in 2020 she joined the Goodbye Kansas family, where passion for tech goes hand in hand with creativity and constant development. It was in many ways a perfect match!
Cecilia grew up with a pet tortoise called Leo, named after a certain pizza loving mutant turtle. These days he’s in his late teens and lives with Cecilia’s parents, but has still not developed any specific ninja skills.

Marcus Melin
Art Director, Motion Designer

Marcus started doing motion graphics in his early teens, making gaming videos for his friends in the classic game Counter-Strike. First he didn't realise you actually could work doing what he loved, but when he got older he started pursuing a profession within gaming and animation. Hyper Island in Stockholm was the first step and one of his proudest moments was to meet his favourite artist McBess and work with him on a Nike project for Bläck Studios (now a part of Goodbye Kansas). He joined Goodbye Kansas full time in 2018.
Marcus loves animated movies, both 2D and 3D. His favourite movie is “Akira” from 1988, mostly for the beauty of it. In his own words: “I still don't understand it, but it has so much soul and great art”.

Sigtor Kildal

Sigtor started at Starbreeze Studios in 2003, and was part of the team that built the original “Temple of Mo-Cap” in Uppsala – a facility that would become Imagination Studios, which nowadays is a part of Goodbye Kansas Studios. In 2008 Sigtor moved to New Zealand and worked with Weta Digital on projects like “Avatar”, “Planet of the Apes”, “Tintin” and “The Hobbit”. With his vast experience of on-set Motion Capture and CG Animation, he moved back to Sweden in 2014 and co-founded Pixel Grinder – now a part of Goodbye Kansas Studios.

Anthony DeMeo IV
Lead Body Animator

Growing up with a specific yearning to become an animator, Anthony sought out an Art Degree at Florida Gulf Coast University, only to end up following his childhood dream, eventually receiving a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2014. Shortly after graduating, Anthony was employed by Profile Studios 2015, as Virtual Production Artist, focusing on Facial and Body Performance Capture post production, working on projects such as “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, “Halo 5: Guardians”, “Thor 3: Ragnarok”, and eventually working on set and in post for “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame”. In 2019, Anthony joined Goodbye Kansas in Stockholm. Now at the Goodbye Kansas LA office in a similar role, Anthony is continuing to help complete the transition to a new and exciting Motion Capture pipeline. When not working towards the goals of production, Anthony can be found playing the newest video game or watching movies.  He fills his time with a variety of creative pursuits, such as contact juggling, writing, and drawing, with aspirations to create an original show and original game IPs. In these uncertain times, only one thing is certain: Anthony will probably end up cooking you a full meal if you spend enough time around him.

Samuel Tyskling
Head of Motion Capture

Samuel has worked with Motion Capture for over ten years, but deep down he’s a musician. After studying jazz, blues & rock at high school he went on to work with the sound department at Starbreeze and Northern Light Studios – that later on would evolve into Imagination Studios, today a part of Goodbye Kansas. During the following years, he shared his time between audio studies at SAE in Stockholm and work at Imagination Studios and other companies. Samuel is a man of many talents, and has worked not only with Motion Capture but also as a Sound Designer, Cinematographer, Editor, Director, Compositor and 3D Artist. Since 2014 he’s working full time at our Motion Capture studio in Uppsala on AAA titles like “Battlefield”, “Mirror’s Edge”, “Star Wars Battlefront”, “Mad Max” and “Assassin’s Creed”. However, creating music remains a big part of his life. Samuel has a fully equipped sound studio at home and is the proud owner of no less than eight guitars.

Isa Olai
Line Producer Capture

Isa has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Environmental Studies from Antioch University, Santa Barbara, U.S.A. She also has an American certificate in Marketing and International Business. In Santa Barbara, she started and managed her own non-profit called Yogi Movement, an organization that offered donation-based yoga classes. The money raised was channeled to orphaned girls in India and their education. Back in Sweden after four years in the U.S.A. Isa worked for Swedish adventurer Ola Skinnarmo's company Expeditionsresor. Semi fun fact: Isa has studied Shamanism and has also written a book about healing plants.

Axel Flovin
Lookdev & Lighting Artist

Axel has studied film production at Dalarna Högskola and Digital Visualisation at Campus i12 in Eksjö. He has always loved film making and freestyle skiing, and ironically it was an accident in the ski slope that lead him to pursue a career within visual effects. One day a ski somersault went all wrong, resulting in a fractured backbone and a very long recovery process. Axel spent most of that time in front of his computer, learning everything about 3D and Visual Effects. After graduating from Campus i12 he worked at ILP before joining the Goodbye Kansas team in Stockholm in 2018.
Today he is fully recovered from his accident. His back is all good again, and his talent for creating great visual effects is better than ever.

Rickard Engqvist
Director, VFX Supervisor, Senior Animator

Rickard, one of Goodbye Kansas strongest character animation artists, has been part of our core team for more than ten years. He studied at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts and The University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, and has a sharp eye for both design and storytelling. Rickard is also a brilliant Concept Artist and his magic pen has given birth to a number of appealing and likeable characters – key ingredients in national and international commercials. As Director he has turned numerous commercials into success stories. When he’s not in the studio you will probably find him on horseback, being a passionate horse lover and an avid equestrian.

Marko Marinkovic
Motion Capture Specialist

Marko studied Astrophysics at the University of Belgrade when he realized that one universe wasn’t enough. He wanted more. So he started to look for a career where he could get the opportunity to be a part of teams that creates multiple universes, and there’s no better place for that than in the VFX industry. So he started learning VFX and 3D Animation and in 2009 he joined our MoCap studio in Uppsala (back then still called Imagination Studios). Since then he has worked on numerous projects, including “Battlefield”, “Mirror’s edge”, “The Witcher 3”, “Mad Max” and “Star Wars Battlefront”.
Besides his work at our “Temple of Mo-Cap”, his passion is photography and capturing - not motion - but rather frozen moments in time.

Christina Sidoti
Lead Animator/Supervisor

Christina studied Computer Animation at Parsons School of Design in NYC in the early 2000s, graduated at William Paterson University in 2005, and completed Animation Mentor in 2012. In 2009, she worked as Facial Animator for the Spike Jonze short film “I’m Here” and after a few years as Lead CG Artist, specializing in animation at Method Studios, she moved to Sweden in 2013. At Goodbye Kansas, she works as Lead Animator and Supervisor, and is also one of the regulars in the Goodbye Kansas podcast “Yellow Brick Road."

Victor Wagner
Lead FX Artist

Victor has 10 years of international work experience in visual effects working in both lead, technical director and effects animator roles in San Francisco, London, Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne. He grew up just outside Oslo and from an early age he became interested in shapes, colors, textures and drawings. In the late 90s he worked as a graphic designer for around four years in Norway and this lead to a MFA in Animation and Visual Effects (VFX) from the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. Since graduating he has worked with projects all over the globe, on projects like “The Lion King”, “Christopher Robin”, ”Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”, “Bridge of Spies”, “Deep Water Horizon”, “Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, part 2”, “Bourne Legacy” and two of the “Hunger Games” films. Victor also worked on the epic “Game of Thrones” episodes “Battle of the Bastards” and “The spoils of war”, earning him an Emmy.
In 2019 he moved to Stockholm and joined Goodbye Kansas studios.

Peter Muyzers
VP of Business Development

Academy Award nominee Peter Muyzers has worked in the VFX industry for over 20 years. In the early 2000's, he worked at MPC as Computer Graphics Supervisor and was instrumental in helping to design the visual effects pipeline for the newly formed film division and worked on the first three Harry Potter films as well as “Wallace & Gromit” and Tim Burton’s “The Corpse Bride”.
In 2006 he became Head of Film at Image Engine in Vancouver, spearheading their film department and then becoming COO & VFX Supervisor on films like “Elysium”, “American Sniper” and “District 9”, the latter earning him an Oscar nomination. In 2016 he became CEO and Senior VFX Supervisor of Umedia Vancouver and in September of 2018 he joined the team at Goodbye Kansas.
He's currently based in Vancouver.

Desiree Ryden
VFX Producer

Growing up in Sweden in a family of musicians and event producers, Desiree decided to make her own path in the entertainment industry, led by her love of film.
After studying film theory and psychology, she wanted to find something hands-on and exciting, and made the jump into visual effects.
After seven years of being an FX technical director at MPC, Cinesite, Industrial Light & Magic (highlights include "Jungle Book", "Game of Thrones", "Ready Player One", "Guardians of the Galaxy"), she made another jump and moved into the production side of VFX, this time at Goodbye Kansas.
Having the background of an artist and with the administrative experience from pre-VFX days, the work fit well to Desiree. Over time she progressed to VFX Producer, and is currently based in the London office.
Desiree loves storytelling, especially in the film form - whether it’s writing, watching, creating or discussing.

Jan Cafourek
Executive Producer

Jan grew up in the USA and Sweden, being exposed to the best of both cultures. After graduating from a Swedish high school he lived in France under the pretext of studying French, dabbled in archeology in Israel, travelled around and worked as a runner. This led to him attending a series of art schools across the globe and finally graduating from ArtCenter in Pasadena. Since then he’s worked in many capacities with design, motion graphics, animation, visual effects, directing, supervising and most recently as a producer at ILPVFX, before joining the Goodbye Kansas family in 2018.
He loves playing board games, video games, golf, running, reading, watching movies, making music, travelling and being with his family.

Timothy Stam
FX Artist

Currently an FX TD at Goodbye Kansas, Timothy has worked before at Framestore, MPC, Electric Theatre Collective, and at Double Negative. Before transferring to VFX he worked as an environment artist. Timothy has worked on the cities for the Yorktown sequence for Star Trek: Beyond, did a variety of FX on Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and has worked in advertising on both FX and building procedural modelling tools. He studied digital effects at Bournemouth University and game art at the Utrecht School of Art and Technology. Timothy has also taught in different capacities, such as a Pluralsight course author (City Generation with Python in Houdini), as a Houdini tutor for MOPA (Supinfocom Arles, France) and more recently as an instructor for CG Master Academy. He has also done a number of Master Classes, for Bournemouth University and Staffordshire University.

Ariel Noorani
HR Manager

Ariel was born in USA and moved to Sweden at the age of six. Being a structured people person landed her an administrative position at Imagination Studios back in 2009. Not long after that, she finally decided to study HR at the University of Uppsala and has been working in the HR-field ever since she graduated. In a sense, she found her way back “home” and (re-)joined Goodbye Kansas in late 2018.
She's genuinely into just about all kinds of music (except "dansband" and "schlager") and enjoys going to concerts. She's always wished for a talent allowing her to create her own music but has settled with creating music quizzes for friends. All things considered, she's more of a geek than you might think!

Patrick El-Cheikh
Senior Advisor, Business Development

Patrick co-founded a web design company already back in 1996. He later spent 15 years with the Swedish Trade and Investment Council, among others as Trade Commissioner to Saudi Arabia and later as Acting Business Unite Manager for Creative and Cultural Industries and Profile Area Manager for Entertainment Technologies. He has also served as vice president for a multidisciplinary IT-company.
Patrick co-founded Fikra, a film production and consulting company for the Creative Sector in 2015. He has among others advised the Swedish Film Institute, Film Capital Stockholm, The Swedish Institute, the Swedish Economic Growth Agency, The Stockholm Chambers of Commerce and several Swedish production companies. He has worked with Goodbye Kansas on strategy and international business development since 2015. Patrick is a business graduate from Stockholm University specialized in international management.

Matilda Olsson
Executive Producer

Film & Comics buff Matilda started her VFX career as a 3D artist, but soon moved on to project management, quickly becoming a genius of planning and coordinating projects of all sizes. She joined our team in 2014 and took charge of the “Kung Fury” project, since then she has been VFX producer on projects like “The Walking Dead”, “Fear the Walking Dead”, “Star Wars Battlefront”, "League of Gods" and "Outlander”. Matilda has a true passion for pop culture and movies, and on the Goodbye Kansas podcast "Yellow Brick Road" you can hear her talk about everything from zombie slashing to time travelling Kung Fu cops.

Mathew Curran
Facial Animator

Mathew was born in Middlesbrough (UK) but grew up in the Irish countryside of Cork before returning to Middlesbrough to study Computer Games Animation at Teesside University. Even before graduating in 2016 he started working as a facial animator at Cubic Motion in Manchester and stayed there for 2.5 years working on many big projects – of which “God of War” is the one he’s most proud of.
But after 2.5 years at Cubic Motion and over 6 years in the UK, he was ready for a change of scenery and new challenges. For some reason, he had always had an attraction to the idea of working in Sweden, so when the phone call came with the opportunity to work at Goodbye Kansas, he decided to go for it and made the move in December 2018 - just in time for the Swedish winter!
Apart from animation, Mathew is crazy about Formula 1 and try to watch at least one race live every year. But he’s also into other kinds of horse powers: he did horse riding for 10 years, competed in show jumping and has owned over 20 horses through the years!

Fredrik MacLeod
Creature Supervisor

Fredrik studied at LTU in Sweden and graduated with a Computer Science and Art degree in 2006. He moved to London soon after and joined Framestore as a character animator. He then joined Double Negative as a Creature TD and stayed for 10 years, working on films like ”Godzilla”, Dunkirk”, “Mission Impossible: Fallout”, “Ant-Man and the Wasp”, Avengers: Infinity War”, “Avengers: End Game” and “Wonder Woman: 1984”. In 2020 he joined Goodbye Kansas Studios in London.
In his spare time Fredrik loves to develop games for fun, or teach Lindy Hop, as dancing always has been a big part of his life.

Martin Hobbs
Managing Director UK, Executive Producer

Martin brings 25 years of filmmaking, television and VFX experience to the Goodbye Kansas team. Martin was Head of Production and Director at The Moving Picture Company (MPC) where he led the Film VFX department. Under Martin’s leadership MPC grew from a team of 20 to a 500+ strong award-winning facility with locations across London, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Bangalore. At MPC, Martin produced and oversaw over 40 major VFX films, five of which got Academy Award and BAFTA nominations for Best Visual Effects.
In 2010 Martin was brought in to help redefine Prime Focus’ global VFX business, and the launch of Prime Focus’ 200 seat London VFX facility, where Martin was Managing Director. In 2013 Martin was promoted to Senior Vice President for Prime Focus World and spent two years running the international VFX business between Los Angeles, Vancouver and London. A Film School graduate from the University of Kent, Martin has also worked at top Soho VFX facilities Mill Film, Cinesite and Blue Bolt VFX.

Harrison Ryder
Lead Office Manager

Back in the days Harrison studied to become an actor back home in New Zealand, and worked as Tour Manager for a Theatre Company for many years. But he wanted to see more of the world and in 2017 he and his husband left New Zealand to move to Sweden. We’re very happy he found his way to Goodbye Kansas, where he started as Lead Office Manager in 2018. Amongst his many responsibilities at Goodbye Kansas, Harrison is in charge of our ever so helpful Front Desk Team. He is also making sure every new artist walking through our doors feel welcomed and is properly introduced to the Goodbye Kansas way of life.
On his spare time he loves to walk his Golden Labrador Marnie and watch movies – preferably scary ones.

Jim Parsons
VFX Supervisor

Jim´s childhood dream was to become a vampire when he grew up. Sadly vampires turned out to be a work of fiction so Jim vowed to work on films which portrayed them instead. Initially he learned his compositing skills in commercials and pop promos, working on videos for everyone from Oasis to Iron Maiden to various Spice Girls. As luck would have it acclaimed director Danny Boyle brought some short films to Clear Limited where Jim worked. This lead onto him working on the zombie-reviving epic “28 Days Later” as his fist feature film. He even appeared in it as a corpse.

This lead to a long and joyous stint at Cinesite where Jim worked on five Harry Potter movies, two talking dog films and was part of the Oscar winning team on “The Golden Compass”. After Cinesite Jim traveled to Image Engine, Vancouver to work on the hugely successful “Zero Dark Thirty” and the somewhat less successful “R.I.P.D” which he still thoroughly enjoyed doing. Returning to London Jim has since worked with “The Muppets”, members of Monty Python and Australians playing Gods of Egypt. After a double Marvel whammy of “Doctor Strange” and “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2” for Framestore, Jim took the position of Comp Supervisor at Goodbye Kansas London where he oversaw George Clooney´s “Suburbicon", Outlander and the new Robin Hood feature. He still hasn´t worked on any vampire movies... yet.

Hanna Nordersnö
Senior Producer

Hanna started her film business career over 14 years ago, initially as Location Manager and Production Manager on both film and TV productions. Soon she was hooked by the world of VFX. In 2008 she did her first gig with us, as Line Producer on the Dutch feature film “Eep”. Since then she has been responsible for several large projects, including “Yoko”, “Kon-Tiki” and “Känn Ingen Sorg”/”Shed No Tears”. In 2015 she worked as VFX and Post Producer at another company – and was nominated for a VFX “Guldbagge” at the Swedish Film Awards for the feature film “The Circle”. After her return to Goodbye Kansas, she has headed VFX productions like “Drakhjärta” and one of the biggest VFX-projects we've ever worked on: the South Korean box office hit "Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds". In her free time she loves being outdoors, with a special liking for winter sports. No surprise since Hanna is born and raised in the north of Sweden. Or as someone once put it: “You can take a girl out of Norrland, but you can never take Norrland out of a girl”.

Nils Lerin
Head of Facial Rigging

Nils started his career at Starbreeze, developing games such as “Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena” and “Syndicate”. Then Nils moved on to Machine Games’ “Wolfenstein: The New Order” and “Wolfenstein: Old Blood”. He was also at DICE, adding his unique talent to the production of “Mirror’s Edge Catalyst”. As Technical Animator, Nils is a master of developing tools for the ever important pipeline that helps the artists create their digital magic and perform at their best – even when production schedules are tight and the assignments seem almost impossible. In 2014, he founded Pixel Grinder together with Sigtor Kildal and Jonas Törnqvist – today an important part of the Goodbye Kansas core team.

Paula Pope
VFX Producer

Paula began her career over twenty years ago at Pinewood and Shepperton Studios, working on the set of “Lost In Space” where she spent time on the main, model and motion control units. Afterwards, she moved into VFX with the Magic Camera Company and Mill Film working on projects such as “The Avengers”, “The World is not Enough”, “Pitch Black”, “Enigma”, “Lara Croft Tomb Raider” and “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”. Five years later, Paula joined Cinesite to manage a large support department and decided production was definitely the way to go. Shortly after, she moved to The Jim Henson Creature Shop to work as a Line Producer on two animatronic and CG feature films. In 2006, Paula joined The Senate where she spent the next 12 years as part of the senior management team producing many projects ranging from TV series such as “Rome II”, “Troy Fall of a City” and “Black Mirror”, to larger features like “Kick Ass”, “Angels and Demons”, “Total Recall”, “The Martian” and “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”. After leaving there, she joined Escape Studios to develop a producing course, before moving to Goodbye Kansas where she is enjoying being part of the team in London. 

Lorraine Wood
HR & Operations Manager (UK)

Lorraine started her career working in theatre. Having worked for some of the most inspiring artists and theatres in the country, her love for the arts led her to Goodbye Kansas in January 2018. She enjoys her dynamic role within the company and is thrilled to have been a 'hand double' (yes it's a thing) making a cameo appearance in several shots of a show the company worked on last year.
Aside from her illustrious hand modelling career, in her spare time Lorraine enjoys boxing, writing and performing. She is a dab hand in the kitchen and is said to "bake an excellent treacle tart".

Karin Reidarman
Pipeline Developer

Karin studied at Linköping University in Norrköping and graduated with a Masters degree in Science in Media Technology & Engineering. It was through her studies that she found an interest for Computer Graphics and after an internship at MPC in London she knew for sure that working in the VFX industry was the perfect career choice. So after finishing her master thesis she joined Goodbye Kansas Studios.
Apart from computer graphics and digital pipeline work, Karin is a huge fan of surfing. The last 10 years she has spent most of her holidays travelling the world in search of the perfect surf beach.

Dane Bettis
Pipeline TD

Dane studied at Texas A&M University, graduating with Bachelor & Master degrees and venturing into the industry in 2005. He started at Rhythm & Hues and worked as Pipeline Technical Director on films like “The Golden Compass”,  “Aliens in the Attic” and “Snow White and the Huntsman”. His next stop was Framestore, followed by The Third Floor and Method Studios before moving to Sweden to join Goodbye Kansas, where he quickly established himself as an valuable member of our Pipeline team. Goodbye Kansas projects include “Hellboy” and a number of drama series.
Dane enjoys studying, imaging, and designing complex systems and places and was the co-founder and co-chair of The Los Angeles Pipeline Meetup and the Virtual Reality Workshop Meetup. In his free time he has co-created and produced various short films and a TV pilot. He’s also a big fan of rock climbing, board games and video games. Before he moved to Sweden, people warned him it would be dark and cold, but he soon fell in love with "living the American dream in Stockholm" is now firmly rooted in Stockholm with wife and kid. And has even started to enjoy sauna!

Magnus Eriksson
Senior Character Artist

Magnus has been a trusted member of our family for over ten years. Magnus grew up on a farm outside Uppsala and has a keen eye for all kinds of creatures and critters, making him the ideal artist to supervise and execute the creation of any CG animal imaginable. Most of the animals in our digital zoo has been created – or at least touched by – his artistic hand.

Karl Rydhe
Senior Compositor

Karl studied Compositing in Eksjö and after graduation he worked at Redloop in Malmö, focusing on Motion Graphics and compositing. In 2010 he worked with us for the first time, with the German family adventure ”Yoko”. He continued to work as a freelancer for several studios in Sweden before going to Australia and Rising Sun Pictures in 2015. There, he worked on projects like “Tarzan”, “Pan” and “Gods of Egypt”.
Karl is a great compositor, but also a quite good guitar player. Whenever he needs to relax, Karl sneaks away with his guitar; an analog safe haven in a digital world.

Ed Reeler
Motion Capture Operator

Inspired by the work of icons like Phil Tippett, H. R. Giger and Ray Harryhausen, Ed always knew he wanted to work in the animation industry. With a degree in Information Technology (with a focus on film & animation) and a diploma in Interactive Media Design, he ventured into the animation world and is now a member of our Motion Capture team.
Ed is also a skilled musician with a knack for guitar and electronic music production – and enjoys performing at music festivals around the world.

Anton Palmqvist
Real-time Supervisor

Anton studied Digital Graphics at Nackademin in Stockholm, made his internship at the posthouse Stopp and joined the Goodbye Kansas team in 2016. Still a student, he was part of the team that won best VFX at Roy, a gala that promotes Sweden´s best TV and film commercials. After school, Anton worked at DICE on projects like “Battlefield 4”, ”Battlefield: Hardline”, ”Mirror's Edge Catalyst” and ”Battlefield 1”. In his daily work at Goodbye Kansas, Anton mainly focuses on real time graphics in the latest game engine softwares, but also helps out with all sorts of projects in the regular VFX pipeline. In addition to his lighting and shading skills, Anton also creates games. Anton and his brother-in-arms Joakim Olsson developed the VR game "ThunderGod" together with Goodbye Kansas Game Invest. Please visit their homepage for more info.

Hedda Peterson
Mid Level Facial Modeler

Before Hedda got hooked on digital arts she was more into the traditional kind, creating oil paintings and also working on her very own comic about female pirates. After 3D graphics studies at Futuregames she devoted her life to digital art, starting with an internship at ILP and working with lookdev for Disney’s “Aladdin”.
In 2019 she joined the Goodbye Kansas family as Junior Facial Modeler.
When she isn’t working she loves to travel the world, preferably visiting techno festivals.

Laurent Clermont

Laurent studied at the Higher Institute of Applied Arts in Paris and started out as animator, working with commercials, TV series and movies in France. Around 2009 he did a short film that caught attention at an international film festival and agency competition. Soon agency briefs started to drop in and Laurent turned to art direction, before focusing on directing. In his role as Director he works with both live action and full CG productions. At Goodbye Kansas he has directed several game trailers, including films for “Mass Effect: The Andromeda Initiative”. Laurent has been shortlisted, nominated and awarded prizes in prestigious competitions, such as Cannes Lions, D&AD and Eurobest. Recent prizes include D&AD Wood Pencil, MIXX Awards Gold and New York Festival Silver.

Lena-Carolin Lohfink

Lena's passion for the VFX and Film business started long before she earned a Bacherlor's Degree in Media Production followed by a Diploma in Animation & Effects Producing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. A true child of the 90's, she takes inspiration from Disney and Pixar, finds passion and creative outlets in old-school video- and board-games, as well as photography and Japanese anime & film culture. Lena strives to produce impactful and innovative experiences that stay with the audience long after they are over. And even though her journey has led her into the Amazon rainforest, to the Visual Effects Society Awards - nominated for “Outstanding Visual Effects in a Student Project” on two separate occasions - and finally to join the Goodbye Kansas family, she feels her journey has only just begun.

Emilia Gámez
Office Manager (LA)

Being from a small border city, and proud Mexican, Emilia grew up with the love of film and television. Ever the entrepreneur, Emilia with her mother owned a small women's boutique, while attending and graduating from the University of Texas at El Paso. After a few years, she decided to pack up her things and move to Los Angeles, CA, where she was introduced to the production world. She joined the Goodbye Kansas LA family in 2018. As the self-proclaimed, "Monica Geller" (Friends) of the studio, she couldn't be happier to make the studio feel like home for everyone. In her spare time, she loves to run, hike, explore new restaurants, show off her Yellow Lab, Estela, and of course, research new technologies in label making and organizing, while watching movies and the latest TV shows.

Linus Fredriksson
Software Engineer

Linus started studying Computer Science in Gävle, and then moved on to Linköping University where he graduated from the Advanced Computer Graphics Master´s Programme. His focus was on graphics and programming for games and VFX. After school he worked on plugins for Unreal Engine 4 at a company called MuchDifferent. In 2016 he joined the Pixel Grinder wizards of Uppsala – now a vital part of Goodbye Kansas.

Jonas Forsman
Senior Animator

Jonas has been a member of our core team since 2016. However, we met Jonas already in 2005 as a freelancer, when we worked together on the Swedish vampire comedy “Frostbite”. Jonas studied economics in Linköping, but soon realized that he wanted to become an animator. After studying at schools in London, Viborg and San Francisco, Jonas has worked at many studios around the world, such as DICE (“Battlefield 1”, “Star Wars Battlefront” and “Mirror’s Edge 2”), Weta (“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” and “Dawn of Planet of the Apes”), Dr D Studios (“Happy Feet 2”) and ILM (“The Great Wall”). In addition to his passion for animation, Jonas also loves Bonsai trees and Harley Davidson bikes.

Tim Hermes
Technical Artist, Real-Time

Tim started his first company in 1999 and has since then dedicated most of his work to creative media in fields such as games, film, TV, advertisements, web, illustration, motion graphics and branding. He claims to have at long last found the perfect formula to his corporate wellbeing by working in real-time with games and film. Besides tweaking shaders, creating tools and blowing things up in real-time, Tim loves to hang out with friends. Preferably in company of a board game from his ever growing collection - which according to reliable eye witnesses threatens to take over his apartment any day now.

Pontus Garmvild
Director of VFX & Animation

Pontus started doodling Marvel characters as a kid, while dreaming of becoming a comic book artist. Later he tried to “grow up” and got a formal education in economy and law before he discovered 3D Graphics and realized that he rather wanted to work with something fun and creative. That’s ten years ago, and since then he has worked for us as 3D Artist, VFX Supervisor and Producer on large and small projects for commercials, games and films. And he has never looked back once. As Production Director at Goodbye Kansas Studios in Stockholm, he has a lot on his table. But when he’s not at work he juggles his kids, tries to find time to drink a nice Malbec with his wife and discuss the latest episode of “American Gods”.

Becky Wall
Junior VFX Artist

Coming from a more traditional background in fine art and design, Becky has always been fascinated by the moving image. Starting with 2D animations inspired by credits sequences, she went on to study Computer Animation at Bournemouth University. She joined Goodbye Kansas as a runner and is now part of the 3D Team as a CG generalist. When not at work, Becky can be found in various coffee shops around Soho covertly sketching unsuspecting tourists or collecting colourful bruises doing obscure extreme sports.

Daniel Evans
VFX Producer

Daniel began his VFX career in 2008 during the Iraqi-UK independent co-production of "Son of Babylon" where he gathered a team of talented artists in Leeds to complete work on the 2010 BIFA winning feature film. Daniel continued his journey into independent feature film visual effects producing work for the 2012 "Dead End" starring Jamie Foreman and 2012 "Piggy". After working in Leeds in visual effects for 4 years, Daniel followed his passion for visual effects to London where he joined Framestore working as Line Producer on Warner Bros "Geostorm", Marvel's "Dr Strange" and "Avengers: Infinity War". In 2017 Daniel joined DNEG as a VFX Production Manager working on "Red Sparrow", "Mission Impossible Fallout" and "Fast and Furious - Hobbs and Shaw". Daniel joined the Goodbye Kansas family in the summer of 2019 as VFX Producer

Thomas Ericsson

Thomas has been part of our team since the very beginning, that is early 2000s. Under his guidance, the production pipeline of the tiny VFX studio then called Fido has grown and evolved into the huge, advanced production pipeline machinery – the Goodbye Kansas Studios. Thanks to Thomas and his team of tech wizards, we can always keep our promises and deliver high quality on time – without exceptions! When he’s not at work, you will probably find him on a bike. Thomas is not only a master of tech – he’s also a passionate racing cyclist.

Ditch Doy
VFX Supervisor

Ditch has been working in the visual effects industry for over 20 years, starting on Terry Gilliam's "Twelve Monkeys" at Peerless Camera Company where, over 4 years, he worked his way up from Animator to CG Supervisor. He then joined MPC when the film department was still in its infancy as Head of 3D film. After a couple of years Peerless bought him back as their Head of 3D where, over the next decade, he worked on many independent feature films as well as big studio productions and during his time there was nominated for a BAFTA for his work on the James Bond Film; "Casino Royale". Looking for a new challenge Ditch moved to Ireland to help set up Windmill Lane VFX where he worked on a range of feature films and long-form television projects. Over his 6 years there he ultimately became their Creative Director and was the Visual Effects Supervisor on over 7 projects. With London calling him home he came back to work with Jellyfish Animation and most recently Goodbye Kansas.

Andreas Cronström
Lead Compositor

Over ten years ago, Andreas started his compositing journey, when he studied at Campus i12 in Eksjö, Sweden. In 2007, he did his very first projects with us, and worked as freelancer on films like “Let The Right One In” and “Attack the Block”. Then he went abroad to participate in projects like “Game of Thrones”, “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “In The Heart of the Sea”. Now he has returned to Sweden and joined the Goodbye Kansas core team. As Compositing Supervisor he has had great impact on our successful - and Emmy nominated - VFX work on “The Walking Dead”.

Jonas Skoog
Senior Character Artist

Jonas is a legend in his field, having worked with many of the largest game studios in the world. His greatest love and speciality is creating high-res characters for cinematics, and his work is frequently featured in 3D Art Magazines and blogs. But he’s also working with 3D prints and In Game projects – as well as being one of the regulars in the Goodbye Kansas podcast “Yellow Brick Road”. Jonas has contributed to many of our greatest CG Character projects, including "Cyberpunk 2077" and the "Overkill's The Walking Dead" trailers. Be it Agneta in Abba or Conan the Barbarian, Jonas is the man for the job.

David Enbom

David has always been into creating digital wonders, ever since he was a toddler and spent way too much time in front of TV games. Soon he started to create his own visual wonders, learning to code, experimenting with photography and photoshop and designing and building webpages. After Digital Graphics studies at Nackademin he went on to work on animated feature films, commercials and big scale façade projection projects – including projections for Karlsruhe Schloss, The City Museum of Stockholm and Gothenburg Museum of Art. He worked five years as teacher at Campus i12 in Eksjö and joined the Goodbye Kansas family in 2016, first as artist but soon stepping up as producer, helming large projects for Candy Crush giant and The Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm.
In his free time David loves to build his own computers or enjoy the great outdoors of Northern Sweden. He also claims he can sing with his mouth shut, always a popular party trick!  

Mikael Widegren
Concept Artist, Digital matte Painter & Art Director

Mikael graduated from the gsCEPT school of Computer Graphics in Skellefteå in 2007 and has since worked on many international feature films, including “Pacific Rim” and "Cowboys and Aliens", as well numerous Scandinavian productions including the Academy Award nominated Danish feature "A Royal Affair". Additionally, he has contributed to the TV-series “Colony”, "The Killing", as well as worldwide advertising- and video game projects. He joined our core team in 2016, and has since worked as Art Director on the cinematic trailer for Starbreeze and Lion Game Lion’s “Raid: World War II”, as well as creating stunning Concept Art and Digital Matte paintings for numerous other projects.

Fredrik Löfberg

Fredrik (or "Fred" as we call him) started his directing career in 2002, working with music videos. In 2004 he directed the international hit “In The Shadows” by The Rasmus, followed by a couple of MTV Gala Awards. At Goodbye Kansas he’s heavily involved in script development, and also directs promos and cinematics for EA, Dice, BioWare, Sony Computer Entertainment, 2K Games and other clients. He has been part of many AAA titles, such as “Dragon Age: Inquisition” (Game of the Year 2014), the “Battlefield” franchise, “Mirror’s Edge”, “Conan Exiles”, “Raid: World War II”, "Overkill's The Walking Dead" and "Cyberpunk 2077". Working many years with both live action on set and full CG/virtual productions with heavy use of Motion Capture has given him a unique set of skills , and makes him the ideal game cinematic director. He is also one the regulars of the Goodbye Kansas podcast “Yellow Brick Road”.

Dan Englesson
Pipeline TD

Dan got hooked on VFX as a teenager, creating his own 3D characters in his coastal hometown Öregrund in Sweden. One of his pics won a prize for ”Best Idea” at Blender World Cup 2010 and from that moment on he knew what he wanted to work with.
He studied Master of Science in Media Technology and Engineering in Norrköping and loved how he could combine his creativity with his passion for the technical aspect of the craft. Dan has worked at MPC in London as software Engineer developing tools for the films "World War Z" and "The Jungle Book". Dan also worked at Pixar helping them develop and optimize their pipeline and renders for films like “The Good Dinosaur”, “Finding Dory” and “Coco” . In 2018 he decided it was time to come home, and so he joined The Goodbye Kansas team in Stockholm.
Dan is not only a technical wizard, but also one of the fastest talents at Goodbye Kansas. As a teen he was a very successful athlete and in 2010 he was ranked the 20th fastest runner 200m in Sweden.

Attila Gasparetz

Attila has loved movies ever since he was a kid, especially the “Alien” trilogy, the early Tim Burton movies and those classic Ray Harryhausen monster flicks. His favourite book was “Special Effects” by Pascal Pinteau, possibly the only book about movie magic available in Hungary at the time – and his fascination for film kept growing.
He started to dream of a career in films but it seemed like a dream out of reach for a kid from Hungary. So he studied graphic design instead, while working on short animations at home. When he turned 20 he decided to pursue his filmmaking dreams and went to a Hungarian film academy to study production management, and managed to get some work on some shorts in different positions. Later he moved to London and started a catering job while freelancing as a videographer and motion graphics artist, hoping to get into the film industry somehow.
Eventually, he found Escape Studios and it opened a door to the wonderful world of VFX working on movies like "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri", "Yesterday" and "The Two Popes" before joining the Goodbye Kansas family in 2019.

Peter Levin
CEO and Founder of Goodbye Kansas

Peter - ”one of the ancestors of Swedish Game Industry" - has been active in the game industry for more than 25 years. Already in 1996, he invested in DICE, with fan favorites such as “Battlefield” and “Bad Company”. He has an impressive track record: co-founder of the Swedish Games Industry trade body, CEO of Electronic Arts Nordic, CEO of Pan Vision and Board member of numerous public and non-public game studios. In 2011 he ventured into the VFX business, and as CEO of the VFX studio Fido he continued to build his dream of a Scandinavian powerhouse for VFX, Animation, CG and Games. He co-founded Bläck Studios, acquired Imagination Studios and Pixel Grinder, and in 2017 these four studios merged into Goodbye Kansas Studios. By then he had also founded two sister companies: Goodbye Kansas Game Invest and Infinite Entertainment.

Emnet Mulugeta

Eritrean-born Emnet has been a part of the design and VFX community in Sweden since the early 2000s. After a short stint in Australia, he returned to Stockholm to focus on animation, compositing and on-air design. He quickly rose to the role of Creative Director leading design work on TV-rebrands and promos across Europe, gaining numerous Swedish and international awards. This success lead to recognition and work in the US, where he wrote and directed live action commercials and promos for FX, Showtime, HBO, TNT to name a few. As a jack of all trades he writes, directs, designs, animates and edits on most of his projects. Having returned to Stockholm after living in LA for the past seven years, Emnet joined the team at Goodbye Kansas as a Director. 
He’s passionate about cinematic storytelling and handles epic visuals and intense action with the same ease as complex emotions of performance. Apart from being a film buff and a multi-linguist, Emnet is passionate about capoeira, sci-fi and has an encyclopedic knowledge of 80s and 90s hiphop. 

Frida Nilsson
Lead Body Animator

As a teenager Frida loved playing Quake 3 around the clock, and it was her brother who noted that she maybe should consider a Game Developer education. Frida agreed – of course – and started studying at School of Future Entertainment in Karlshamn, leading to an internship at Starbreeze as Junior Animator. After two years at Starbreeze she joined MachineGames. The following six years she devoted her life to the first three "Wolfenstein" games, and soon realized that working on cut scenes was her true passion. So in 2017 she joined Pixel Grinder to focus on this. That same year Pixel Grinder merged into the newborn Goodbye Kansas Studios and since then Frida has been a true Goodbye Kansas core team member.
All those years after all those nights with Quake 3, Frida is still in love with gaming. A proud game nerd working within the business she truly loves. 

Joel Lindman
VFX Supervisor

Joel studied for civil engineer in Materials Science at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in the 90s, when he accidentally caught a classmate using 3D Studio Max in the computer class. Joel was instantly hooked.
In the late 90s he started freelancing in the VFX industry - mainly with lighting - and in 2004 he joined Swiss VFX where he eventually went on to supervise commercials and music videos - and fulfilled his childhood dream of being on-set with Jean Claude Van Damme. Joel then went on to ILP as VFX Supervisor, for both commercials and award winning TV series.
Joel is very passionate about his work. He loves to dig into the nuts and bolts of things, working hands on with programming, lighting or technical animation. On his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, go biking or fishing. He’s also into weight lifting, nursing a dream of one day being able to call himself the strongest man in the Northern Europe VFX Industry.

Mikael Eriksson
Concept Artist

Mikael studied at Future Games in Stockholm and then worked briefly with VR games before joining Goodbye Kansas in 2017.
If he had to choose the best thing about working at Goodbye Kansas, it's the diversity of tasks which makes every day uniquely interesting.
In his free time, Mikael makes music and likes to spend time with his pet rabbit Kratos. Outside of work, he occasionally has guest lectures at art schools. Don't hesitate to send him an email if you have questions about working as a concept artist!

Jimmy Johansson
Head of Rigging Department

Jimmy has always been interested in technical stuff and got hooked by digital graphics in the early 2000s. After High school and studies at Interactive Academy in Eksjö he moved to London and a life as VFX freelancer. In the following years he worked on films like “Dark Shadows”, “World War Z”, “Man of Steel”, “Godzilla”, “Lone Ranger” and “Prometheus”. He came back to Sweden to work as Supervisor on Sweden’s first stereoscopic feature film and continued as Supervisor on projects like “Just Cause 3 – Firestarter”, “The Boy” and “Underworld: Blood Wars”. He joined Goodbye Kansas in 2017.
Jimmy has always been passionate about sharing his knowledge about with fellow VFX artists, and has been lecturing at Swedish VFX schools, events and websites for many years. “Sharing is caring”, as he humbly puts it.
When he’s not working you might find him in the water, at least once a year when he participates in the classic Swedish outdoor swimming event Vansbrosimmet (“The Vansbro Swim”).

Fredrik Olsson
Senior Animator

Fredrik has loved movies, cartoons and games ever since he was a child and music and theatre were his favourite occupations during his school years. After school he started studying Digital Graphics at Nackademin and he was instantly hooked by animation and VFX. For the following 10 years he worked as freelancing animator in Canada and around Europe. Some of these projects were at Goodbye Kansas Studios and nowadays he’s a member of the core animation team at the Stockholm studio.
Fredrik is especially proud of hos work with “Kung Fury” and David Attenborough’s “Conquest Of The Skies”. When he’s not working he devotes his life to board games, hiking and dancing, preferably Lindy Hop.

Malin Tvedt
VFX Coordinator

Malin fell in love with VFX thanks to a certain Austrian bodybuilder called Arnold. When “Terminator 2” came out she instantly knew what she wanted to work with: Visual Effects! She devoted all her time to 3D studies while saving money and applying to VFX schools abroad and three years later her dream came true. After her VFX studies in US and Canada she moved to London to work at MPC as Compositing Artist on films like “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, “The Medallion” and “Tomb Raider 2”.
After three great years at MPC she thought it was time for a change, said “Hasta la vista” to London and moved home to Sweden where she continued to work as Compositing artist before making a career as Still Photographer.
But the love for VFX was always there and in 2017 she returned to the world of VFX, joining Goodbye Kansas Studios as VFX Coordinator. And she still loves Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was after all he who made her choose a career in this wonderful industry.

Anton Söderhäll
Executive Producer

Anton begun his career eleven years ago as Director and Producer of music videos and commercials. A few years later he moved on to Motion Capture. Since then he has been involved in the production of over 30 successful AAA game titles alongside various film, commercials and interactive projects. Striving to push creative and technical boundaries has kept him as the go-to guy for clients such as EA, Warner Brothers Games, Sony, Square Enix and DICE.
Anton loves running, Thai boxing, watching a great movie or playing a game that challenges conventions regarding tech, quality and/or narrative.

Dean Estcourt
IT & Systems Manager

After more than 10 years in various IT roles with one of the worlds largest and most delicious food companies, Dean decided to move to the UK to work in the VFX industry. Dean started his VFX industry experience at MPC alongside some of the industry's best, where he worked in their core infrastructure team. During his time at MPC, Dean helped support both the Film and Advertising teams through projects such as "The Jungle Book" and "The Lion King".

Filip Orrby
Technical Director, VFX Supervisor

Filip’s first claim to fame came about in 2002, when he and a friend designed aim_map, one of the biggest and most well known “Counter Strike” custom maps. Filip went on to study Computer Science at Gävle University. After graduation he worked at several VFX studios, including A Film, Swiss and Filmic Art – as well as Fido, now part of Goodbye Kansas, where he worked on the UK indie hit “Attack the Block”. At Ghost in Denmark he worked on “Cowboys and Aliens” and at Dneg in the UK he worked on “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”. As a member of the Goodbye Kansas core team, he puts his talent to work in projects like the Chinese blockbuster “League of Gods”, the NBC TV series “Midnight Texas” and the successful TV series "Outlander". In January 2018 he was nominated for a VES Award for his work on "Outlander".

Jason M. Halverson
VFX Supervisor

Jason has been around so long, he was one of the very first After Effects artists in the world! Beta testing it for CoSA (Remember them? No? Too young.) while working at the largest animation company outside of Disney in the US, the ironically named (Colossal)Pictures. Wonderful clients list includes the likes of MTV: Liquid Television, Coca-Cola, and Turner Classic Movies. After working in broadcast, and advertising in his early years there, he left to launch the first 24-hour cable channel about computers and the internet, ZDTV. It was short-lived and WAY ahead of its time! Working as an Art Director in Discreet Logic’s Flame was exciting, but something was missing. Since he was a very young boy, he'd really wanted to work on a Star Wars film when he'd learned by watching a 'making of' show at the age of 8. So when the opportunity came knocking to work for his idol, Phil Tippett, he couldn't say no. Working at the legendary Tippett Studio on such varied creature shows as "Blade II", "Evolution", and "Cats & Dogs" was some of the best fun of his long career. From there, the opportunities started to pour in and led to working on not one, but two Star Wars films with the best of the best like Dennis Murren and John Knoll. He even got to play a couple of background parts (look up 'Meena Tills action figure') in Episode III. He also had the thrill of working on his first of many future shows with the Wachowskis when he got to work on the greatly underrated "Matrix" sequels. For the next few years, he followed the ebbs and flows of the industry changes which led to gigs in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Montreal, after moving his base to London. Highlights of his work in London include the Oscar Award-winning "The Jungle Book" for MPC, "Guardians of the Galaxy" for Method, "Skyfall", "John Carter", "Harry Potter" and "Rush" for Dneg and "T2 Trainspotting" and "Outlander" for Union VFX. Who knows what’s next!?!

Elise Smulova

After finishing Animation Production at Ravensbourne University, Elise worked at Framestore, where she got to work on the cutest ad of all times Mog’s Christmas Calamity, followed by "James Bond: Spectre" and "Mars". She then moved on to Milk VFX and Nvizible where she got a chance to work on her first horror film "The Ritual", amongst others.
Elise started at Goodbye Kansas in early 2017 on "Suburbicon" and after becoming a member of the core team, was heavily involved in projects such as "Victoria", "Outlander" and another horror, "Wounds". She has created magic for "A Discovery of Witches" as well as teaching the office doggo Mylo a trick or two. In her spare time, Elise loves to travel the world and snowboard, and when in London you'll usually find her seeing all the theatre shows and going to as many gigs as possible.

Ludvig Eliasson
Lead Character FX TD

Ludvig started out as a computer engineering student, but soon realized he wanted to work with digital arts instead. He studied at GScept in Skellefteå and did his second year internship at MPC where he helped with sail and clothes simulations for certain Caribbean pirates. This convinced him that a career in VFX was a perfect fit for him. After graduating he joined Fido – now a part of Goodbye Kansas – and since then he has been responsible for simulating mostly clothes and hair for countless game cinematics, as well as plenty of projects.
Ludvig loves spectacle movies and blockbusters, but his true passion is video games and game culture. He’s been watching E3 live events every year since he was a kid and loves to now finally be smack in the middle of the wonderful game cinematics industry.

Jonas Törnqvist
Senior Concept & Character Artist, Head of Facial Modeling

Jonas started his career in the late 90s at the game studio Korkeken/Oblivion. He has since worked as Character Artist on numerous game projects for Lionhead Studios, Avalanche Studios, MachineGames and DICE. The Film Industry has also seen a lot of Jonas. He’s been at Weta Digital, Framestore and Blur, working on productions like Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit”, Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus”, Spielberg/Jackson’s “Tintin” and “The Avengers”. In 2014 he co-founded Pixel Grinder, and is now a member of our core team.

Anneli Larsson
Senior Character Artist

Anneli has always been into art, first as tattoo artist, then as art student and then – after studies at Gscept in Skellefteå – as a texturing artist. After Skellefteå she went abroad and worked on projects like “Terminator Genisys”, “Goosebumps” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. Her favourite project was “Beauty and the Beast”, partly because of the great team she worked with and partly because of the endless nights of playing "Dungeons and Dragons" together.

Julia Ferguson
Bidding Producer

Born and bred in Vancouver, Julia started her career at Mainframe Entertainment, the home of one of the first 3D CG animated TV shows, "ReBoot". She then ventured to Singapore to help establish the then new Lucasfilm Animation studio and work on "The Clone Wars". Later moving to London and back to Vancouver, her rosta of projects includes “Man of Steel”, “Game of Thrones” ,“Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”, “Godzilla”, “Edge of Tomorrow” and the TV series “Lucifer”.
After having worked at some of the industry's biggest studios, she gravitated towards smaller studios where she felt she could wear a few more hats and work on a greater variety of projects. In 2018 she joined the Goodbye Kansas family in Stockholm.

Martin Johansson
Head of VFX (SE)

Martin has worked in the business for almost 20 years. After studying at Jönköping School of Engineering and Örebro University, Martin worked as Art Director, Programmer and Development Manager with various Swedish companies before moving on to VFX. He moved to London and started as Lighting TD at Smoke & Mirrors. He joined Double Negative in 2011, first as Lighting TD in London, then as Supervisor and CG Sequence Lead in Singapore and finally as CG Sequence Supervisor in Vancouver. In 2017 he joined Digital Domain in Vancouver. Here he worked as Co-Head of Lighting and as CG Supervisor on the two latest Avengers films. In 2019 he joined Goodbye Kansas Studios in Stockholm.
His favourite Project is "Avengers Endgame", where he had the unique opportunity to take his team's experience working on "Avengers Infinity" back to back and make the work even better. 
Back in the day Martin used to operate a tank and do competition shooting. These days he likes to spend time with his family or by a river fishing.

Goran Milic
Head of Facial Animation

Goran started working as Mocap tracker in 2004 on video games, before moving to New Zealand to start working at Weta. He specialized in Facial MoCap and Animation, became Head of their Facial Motion Department and worked on numerous ground breaking VFX heavy films like “Avatar”, the “Hobbit” films, the “Planet of The Apes” films, “The BFG” and "Alita - Battle Angel". Goran joined the Goodbye Kansas family in 2018.

Mica Olsson
Technical Artist, Real-Time

Mica has always had a passion for games and interactive media. His interest in digital arts grew from playing around with game level editors and doing video edits as a kid, to playing around in 3D softwares and finally realizing that this is an actual profession.
He studied computer graphics at GScept inSkellefteå and for his graduation project he created his own small horror game called Contemp and finished off with an internship at Ubisoft Massive in Malmö, where he worked early on “The Division 2”. After trying out the game industry for awhile he wanted to go back to more film related projects and felt that GoodbyeKansas would be the best option since he could combine film and games at our Real-time department.
Outside working, his other passion is music and especially playing his guitar. He’s also an avid vinyl collector and loves to dig into personal side projects involving 3D environments and game development.

Finn Jäger
Online artist, Systems Manager

Finn has always been a versatile nerd. While studying media engineering in Hamburg, he worked as a photographer and filmmaker, and his deep interest in film and computers also led him to the advertising world. After building up the in-house post production at It´s Us Media in Berlin, he joined the Goodbye Kansas Hamburg team in 2017. Finn likes to shoot music videos with his friends and is a big fan of fast computers and analogue cameras.

Rafal Kaniewski
Compositing Lead / TD

In the late 80's Raf's started in the entertainment industry as an assistant on-set carpenter in L.A. and then worked as a runner for commercials in Soho. In the 90's, appalled by the previous century's decadence he helped set up three charities that worked with urban youth TV projects; was a media-studies teacher; and on the side worked as a gaffer and cameraman on short films and pop promos, as well as having fun with a successful art installation practice. In the 00's he learnt to edit, got some feature compositing experience, and then joined the then small vendor Double Negative as a junior compositor. In the 10's he worked around the world as a compositor for other companies including ILM, Cinesite, MPC, Nexus, Smoke & Mirrors. Recently he worked as a Lighter & Key-artist/Look-dev on two feature animations ("Sherlock Gnomes" & "The Lion King"). In the 20's he hopes to pursue his passion for empathic action, discover new breakfasts and stop writing biographies in the third person.

Simon Rainerson
Technical Director

With a background in mathematics and the history of ideas, Simon continued his studies at Nackademin, where he learned everything about Digital Graphics. After graduation he went to work for several VFX studios in Stockholm before joining the gang that now is the Goodbye Kansas cinematics team. Simon has worked on numerous projects, including our award winning commercial ”Sustainability” for BMW, the “Andromeda” films, as well as “Battlefield 1” for DICE. He’s an enthusiastic member of the Goodbye Kansas Board Game Club and their once-a-month epic board game battles.

Linda Öhlund

Linda is a passionate film lover and started her career as editor and online artist in the early 2000s. She joined our team 12 years ago, working with online and VFX-editing. After a short sejour at another Swedish VFX studio, she returned to us in 2014 – but now as VFX Producer. And she has since helmed numerous projects, including award winning commercials for “ATG” and two seasons of “Fear The Walking Dead”. When she’s not producing zombie slashing VFX, she collects vintage teak furniture and rules the fox trot dance floors around Sweden.

Alexander Darell
Line Producer

Being an avid film buff, captivated by monster movies, Alexander decided to study film in high school. He later left Borås for Eksjö, where he studied Compositing. He was assigned as a Coordinator in his final school project, and that’s when he knew were he was heading. He joined Goodbye Kansas in early 2018 as an intern and swiftly grew out of his Coordinator shoes into a Line Producer position. He continues to build on his experience in the world of VFX and has his heart set on the next Monster flick that comes his way.

Rafael Morant
Head of Art Department

With his passion the arts, Raf earned a place at "Central Saint Martin’s University Of The Arts London", where he studied a Film and Fine Art Degree. Since graduating in 1997, he has gained over 20 years industry experience, refining his skill-sets in VFX art direction, concept art, digital matte painting and cg environments on numerous high profile TV and feature film projects.
In 2007 Raf and his environment team at MPC gained a VES award nomination for "outstanding created environment in a live action feature film" for Tim Burton’s "Sweeney Todd". Since then Raf and his teams have won and been nominated for BAFTA Craft, Emmy and VES awards on titles including the BBC's "Great Expectations", "Peaky Blinders" and HBO's "Game of Thrones". Other outstanding projects to his credit include: "The Chronicles of Narnia", "Prince of Persia", "Clash of the Titans", Danny Boyle’s "Sunshine", "Harry Potter", "Fortitude", Guy Ritchie's "Sherlock Holmes", "Macbeth", "The Imitation Game", "Snow White and the Huntsman", George Clooney's "Monuments Men" and "Suburbicon".
As the VFX Art Director and Environment Supervisor at Goodbye Kansas UK, Raf is involved in all of the concept and development projects and supervises our matte painting and environment work.

Joe Arnold
Head of Matchmove

Joe Arnold began his VFX career after receiving a first class honours degree in Digital Arts and Technology from theThe University of Plymouth. He quickly progressed to working in 3D and specialising in Matchmove. Over the years his unique skill set has never been out of demand, his film work has taken him to Australia, London and the U.S. He currently has credits on over 35 movies. As well as matchmove he enjoys thinking about production workflows and finding better ways to get stuff done with Python scripting. Outside of work Joe enjoys getting outdoors far away from the screen. Surfing, Kayaking, Yoga and Bouldering are some of his favourite pursuits.

Nils Lagergren
Marketing Director

Nils has worked with film, TV and media since 1990 as Producer, Scriptwriter, Director and Creative Consultant. After 20 years in the TV business, he joined our team in 2010, to work as VFX Producer on feature films like the UK horror comedy “Attack the Block” and “Underworld Awakening 3D”. Nils has also been Executive VFX Producer for lots of commercials, as well as our projects with the legendary naturalist Sir David Attenborough.
Since 2015, Nils is in charge of our PR & Marketing activities. He's also producing and hosting the Goodbye Kansas podcast "Yellow Brick Road".
When he’s not working, Nils shares his time between art projects and driving his vintage Citroën DS.

Joakim Eriksson
CG Supervisor

A decade ago Joakim came to stay after doing his internship with us in Stockholm as an 3D artist. Through the years he worked on numerous shows, including “Attack The Block”, “Kung Fury”, “League of Gods” and plenty of commercials on which he also took the role as an On-Set Supervisor. In 2016 he spent 1,5 years in Vancouver, working at Digital Domain on films like “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and “Avengers: Infinity War” helping them with Creating Characters which was one of his dreams since his grandfather introduced him to comics. When he returned to us he spent a year as Head of VFX at Goodbye Kansas UK, being busy with large projects like “Outlander”, and in 2020 he returned to Stockholm.
Joakim’s interest in creating beautiful images and workflow upgrades can be described in one word – passion – and when he’s not working, Joakim loves to spend time in the great outdoors just as much as staying inside trapped in his arty bubble.

Fredrik Höglin
Senior Compositor

Fredrik got hooked at doing VFX at the tender age of 15, starting to explore visual effects on S-VHS and 8mm. After graduating at Capital School of Multimedia (Stockholm) and The Art Institute of Vancouver, he ventured into a career as compositor. He has worked at many large studios around the world, including ILM Vancouver, Framestore UK and Fuel Sydney. Projects include “Where the Wild Things are” and “Prometheus”. After having freelanced with us on a couple of projects – including "Attack the Block" – he joined our core team and has since been Lead Compositor on projects like “The Walking Dead” and “Fear the Walking Dead”.

Raoul Cacciamani
Supervising Animator, Head of Keyframe Animation

Raoul has always loved animation and art, and describes himself as true “animation geek” with a passion for both human behavior and animal’s locomotion. He studied 3D at BigRock (back then known as Darkside) in Verona (Italy) and Arts at the Vatican University. Since 2004 he has been working full time as animator all around Europe, in countries like Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Ireland, UK, Finland and Sweden. He’s been Lead Animator or Animation Supervisor on numerous European feature films and enjoys to inspire, motivate and coach his teams to help them create great animation.
Besides the art of animation, Raoul’s great passion is his family, mountain biking and cooking. Being brought up in a more cultivated country than Sweden, he has very strong feelings about the Swedish invention “Kebab pizza” and thinks it should be outlawed.

Erika Johansson
3D Artist, Head of Lookdev Department

Erika studied Digital Graphics at Nackademin in Stockholm, and started out at Goodbye Kansas as an intern. We instantly realized her huge talent, and after her graduation she joined our core team of digital artists. Erika has been involved in many of our most successful projects, and has a special talent for lookdev and lighting. On her free time, she enjoys painting and travelling.

Jacob Moilanen
3D Artist

When Jacob graduated from high school he knew that film was his vocation. He started to study film music at Stockholm University, and then spent three years in Trollhättan – where he eventually graduated as Film Producer. He combined studies with work on different productions such as music videos, short films and features like Ruben Östlund’s “Force Majeure”/”Turist”. By then, Jacob realized that he’d rather work with visuals than numbers, so he joined the VFX school Campus i12 in Eksjö. Like many of our core team artists, Jacob first joined us as an intern. When he finished school, we were happy to hire him right away. Jacob has a burning passion for all things spaceships, so not surprisingly his absolute favorite project so far at Goodbye Kansas is “Mass Effect: Andromeda”.

Staffan Linder
VFX Supervisor, Director

Staffan, horror connoisseur and film buff, entered the VFX business in the late 1990’s. Since 2002, he has been a cherished member of our core team. In 2005 he spent a full year in Wellington, working on Peter Jackson’s “King Kong”, which gave him the opportunity to animate the creatures he loves the most: dinosaurs and other gnarly beasts.
For the the last ten years he has been working as VFX Supervisor on feature films like the Swedish hit movie ”Känn ingen sorg”, BAFTA-nominated productions with Sir David Attenborough and TV series like “Fear the Walking Dead” and “The Walking Dead”.
In 2016, Staffan received a Primetime Emmy nomination for “The Walking Dead”. In addition to his career in digital media, he is also known for his film and fantasy sculptures. Throughout the nineties he produced collectible sculptures of classic horror characters, both for his own company and other brands.

Martin Borell
Senior Compositor

Martin is a man of many talents. He has studied 3D Animation, Composition, Art and Comics Drawing and did his first job with us nearly ten years ago. In 2010 he helped us create the VFX wizardry for the British Cult classic “Attack The Block”, and that project remains one of his personal favorites. When he wasn’t working for us he freelanced for other studios, for example working on Terry Gilliam’s “The Zero Theorem”, the Swedish cult classic “Dyke Hard” and projects for Swedish TV as well as numerous Super 8 projects. Today he’s a trusted key member of our permanent staff.
Martin loves everything that’s out of the ordinary, strange movies, obscure comics and experimental music. And once upon a time he was featured as Street Art Artist of the week in Sweden’s largest newspaper DN.

Dominique Scoles 
VFX Coordinator

Developing a love with films from a young age left Dominique with a passion to find herself with the industry. After getting a 1st at University of Leeds in Film, Photography and Media, she went on to gain an internship at Saddington Baynes as a Production Intern. She progressed to Production Assistant and then Junior Producer before joining Goodbye Kansas.
She would never have predicted that she would end up in the crazy world of VFX. And she wouldn’t change it. Just as she will never change her opinion on Surf’s Up being the best movie ever made.

Tomas Näslund
Senior Compositor

Tomas Näslund has been a member of our team for around 10 years, being heavily involved in VFX productions for both commercials, feature films and TV-series. His life-long love for puppets led to a one-year session as VFX supervisor and puppeteer at the production of the Swedish feature film “Upp i det blå” in 2016, a gig for which he was nominated for a VFX Guldbagge at the Swedish Film Awards in 2017. After returning to Goodbye Kansas he has worked on projects like “The Walking Dead” and the Palme d’Or winner “The Square”, while continuing to develop his very own puppet project.

Jeanette Monero
Senior Compositor

A childhood fascination with the work of Ray Harryhausen and Saul Bass led to Jeanette's life long interest in creating reality from mostly inanimate elements. After various experiments with Super 8 cameras and plasticine, she studied digital animation and visualisation with her graduation film winning a commendation and screening on Sky TV. This led to her being commissioned for a pilot title sequence by Endemol UK and gaining work as a storyboard artist progressing to set design and as props buyer on various TV commercials and promos. Pursuing her passion for creating imagery Jeanette moved on to VFX compositing from 2007 leading to her working for several VFX facilities including DNeg, Cinesite, Framestore and on films such as the Academy award winner for Best Visual Effects "Hugo", "The Hunger Games", "Everest", "Jupiter Ascending", "Paddington" and "Assassin's Creed" amongst many others.
In her spare time Jeanette enjoys playing the guitar and tap dancing, she is also restoring a 17th century house in the Italian countryside.

Jonas Ekman
Lead Animator

When Jonas began to study at Nackademin in 2007, he not only started his digital career, but also met three persons that would become friends for life. After graduation, they worked together at Visual Art, Bläck Studios – and eventually at Goodbye Kansas, where they now are key members of the core team. Through the years Jonas has injected his unique skills for character animation, advanced Motion Capture and pre-visualisation into several full CG productions – both international commercials and large games and trailers for AAA studios, including “Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide”, “Battlefield 4”, “Star Wars Battlefront”, "Overkill's The Walking Dead" and "Cyberpunk 2077". And he was of course onboard for the production of his old classmate Andrée Wallin’s short “State Zero”.

Kristian Zarins
Senior Lighting Artist

Kristian studied at Nackademin in Stockholm and joined the VFX company Milford after graduating in 2002. He continued to study design at night school at Berghs School of Communication and after five years he joined the company Thelma & Louise where he worked with Motion Graphics and 3D for channel IDs, commercials and vignettes.
But Kristian wanted to see the world and moved to Shanghai where he worked for two years before returning to Stockholm and a job at Bläck Studios – one of the studios that merged to become Goodbye Kansas.
His first project was the multi-awarded commercials project “Nike: your year, directed by Nike+”. He went on to work at “Kung Fury”, “League of Gods” and “Biomutant”, but his proudest moments (so far) was to be Light Lead on the “Overkill’s The Walking Dead” trailers “Grant” and “Heather”, as well as “Mutant Year Zero” and “Cyberpunk 2077”. He loves to use lighting to create a mood and style while bringing the characters and environments to life, and the success of these trailers is a true testament to his great skills as Lighting artist.
When he’s not working, he loves to spend time with his family. He’s also a great fan of trekking and spending time in the great outdoors. The favorite adventure so far was when he hiked the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, with peaks 5400 meters above sea level - and thus higher up than the famous Mount Everest basecamp.

Gustav Alexandersson
3D Artist

During his studies, Gustav was offered an internship with us. Soon, we realized that he was a real talent at 3D modeling, so we asked if he wanted to join our team after graduating from Nackademin. Gustav loves the process to create in 3D, especially extensive environments. He has been involved in all of our larger projects, including “Kung Fury”, the Chinese “League of Gods” and the South Korean box office hit "Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds". Of all the shots he's worked on through the years, his favourite one is still the “cop slice shot” in “Kung Fury”, an amazingly gross and funny effect that Gustav spent weeks to perfect – a true one-man-achievement.

Andrea Sorset
Head of Production

Andrea started out as Production- and Project Manager in the Events industry. In 2007 she dived into the VFX industry, first as Production Coordinator on the animated feature film “The Tale of Desperaux” at Framestore in London and then as Assistant Production Manager on “Gnomeo & Julie” at Starz Animation in Toronto. In 2010 she joined ILM/Lucas Film in Singapore to work on projects like ”Strange Magc”, “Lone Survivor" and “Transformers 4”.
Shanghai became her new base in 2014, working as Production Supervisor on “Kung Fu Panda 3” at Oriental DreamWorks and in 2016 she moved to Vancouver to work as Line Producer at Double Negative on “Fast & The Furious”. She soon stepped up as Department Production Manager and in 2018 she moved back to Sweden to join Important Looking Pirates. A few months later she joined the Goodbye Kansas family as Head of Production.

Henrik Eklundh
VFX Supervisor

Being a passionate and competitive gamer, Henrik knew early on that he wanted to work with CGI and VFX. Seeing those old cinematics for classics like “Final Fantasy” sparked an interest in creating CG artwork and movies with AAA quality, and now he has been working with digital wonders since 2006. With a keen eye for technical perfection and visual flair, he started working with lookdev and lighting and not before long he stepped up as VFX Supervisor, first at Visual Art, then at Bläck and now at Goodbye Kansas - helming the team efforts involved in all our successful cinematic productions including “Warhammer: Vermintide”, “Conan Exiles”, "Cyberpunk 2077" and the awardwinning character trailers for “Overkill’s The Walking Dead”. Henrik loves to lead his teams to success and is a firm believer that passion and joy must be involved in any successful creative project.

Martin Widö
Senior FX Artist

At first, 3D was just a hobby for Martin. But soon he realized he wanted to make a career out of his hobby and after studying Digital Graphics at Nackademin in Stockholm he joined Milford in 2008, working as coordinator, project manager and 3D Artist. In 2017 he joined Goodbye Kansas where he was immediately thrown into projects like the South Korean hit film “Along With The Gods – The Two Worlds” and TV-series like “The Walking Dead” and “Outlander”. Martin loves the family like feeling at Goodbye Kansas and the fact that his expertise in FX can be put in use in so many different types of projects.

Adrina Wennström
Character Artist/Facial modeler

Adrina took her first footsteps in the digital wonderworld at Nackademin, where she studied 3D Graphics. After her studies she worked with web development and 3D content creation for ten years, before furthering her education at Futuregames which lead her to join our Uppsala team in 2017. 
Adrina is an avid Whovian (Dr Who fan) and loves games of all sorts, both digital ones and classic board games. When she’s not at work you might catch her in front of her computer at home, working on her private pet project: a Sci-Fi/Fantasy book that she hopes will conquer the world some day.