Total War: Pharaoh

We were delighted to create the cinematic announcement trailer for Creative Assembly’s upcoming game Total War: Pharaoh, and maybe especially so since the hero of the trailer is a very unlikely one: a tiny scarab beetle battling its’ way from the banks of the Nile to the vast desert battlefields outside Giza.
The trailer was released May 23rd 2023


Ciient; Creative Assembly
Client Team Davie Andrew Kimberly Ballard

Director: Bengt-Anton Runsten
VFX Supervisor: Kristian Zarins, Gianni Ailotti, Henrik Eklundh
Executive Creative Producer: Jan Cafourek
Art Director: Mikael Widegren
Senior. Producer: Calum Hart
Production Coordinator: Isabella Nilsson
Production Assistant: Ida Ippolito

Lead Character artist: Daniel Axelsson
Character Modeling: Amy Ash, Jeremie Abrial
Facial Modelers: Hedda Peterson, Anneli Larsson
Character Look Development: Amy Ash, Jonas Skoog, Jeremie Abrial, Erika Johansson, Claudio Tumiati, Robin Perden

Lead Environment Artist: Jesper Bardhamre
Assets Modeler: Wojciech Piwowarczyk
Lead Environment Look Development: Jesper Bardhamre
Look Development Artists: Wojciech Piwowarczyk

Lead Asset Artist:
Assets Modelers:
Lead Asset Look Development :
Look Development Artists:

Groom Artists: Claudio Tumiati, Erika Johansson

Lead Rigging: Stephanie Holder
Rigging Artists: Abenthy Lillieström
Lead Character FX: Charlie Filmberg
Lead Facial Rigging: John Augustsson

Lead Layout: Andrew Van Der Walt

Key Animation Lead: Luke Smith
Facial Animation Supervisor: Goran Milic
Facial Animator: Goran Milic
Lead Body Animation: Luke Smith
Body Animators: Jonathan Skiffs, Felix Graf

Motion Lead: Benjamin Breeneur

FX Lead: Maxime Marline
FX artists: Ilya Vorobev, Pirmin Filz

DMP Artist: Emilis Baltrusaitis
Concept Artists: Mikael Widegren, Philipp Scherer, Fer Kitsawat

Lead Lighting Artist: Guillaume Ritt
Lighting and Rendering: Erika Johansson, Pawel Szklarski

Lead Compositing: Peter Blomstrand
Compositing Artists: Lukasz Przybytek, Calle Granström

Editor: Manuel Mendes
Head of Editorial: David Palm

Head of Pipeline: Erik Johansson
Pipeline: Dane Bettis, Albert Cervin, Stephen Hada, Sakarias Johansson, Linus Fredriksson, Paul Barton, Nils Lerin, Joakim Johansson, Dan Englesson, Karl Rydhe, Gustav Alexandersson, Simon Rainerson, Rasmus Haapaoja, Erik Petterson
System Administrators: Thomas Eriksson, Tiffany Johansson, Gabi Gharib, Armin Cero, Emil Ferdinandsson, Hampus Robertsson, Johan Agurén, Kaja Michalak, Daniel Arvór, Ohla Danylova, Judith Gammelli

Grading : Mattias Silva Carrasco

Goodbye Kansas Studios Capture Division
Head of Capture: Chris Jestico
Head of Motion Capture / Motion Capture Supervisor: Samuel Tyskling
Motion Capture Lead: David Grice
Shoot Coordinator / First Assistant Director: Kim Seefried, Axel Gärkman
Motion Capture Data Artist: Emmet Mörk, Nils Aulin
Motion Capture Animator: Jan Germala
Motion Capture Operator: Ed Reeler
Database Management: Oskar Olsson
Props & Staging: David Sagesen
Facial Capture Operator: Eva Lindgren
Realtime Supervisor: Tim Hermes
Realtime Operator: Henrik Melsom
Stunt Coordinator: Johan Lindqvist
Capture Intern: Jonna Lehtonen
Stunt Assistant: Maria Rådman
Production Assistance (GBK Frontdesk team): Harrison Ryder, Kara Ingram, Emma Appelgren

Sound Design & Foley: Redpipe

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