Cyberpunk 2077: The Diner

“So what do you want? A super car? Big house? You wanna rule this city? Well, you ain’t getting anywhere without an upgrade…”

We’re back in Night City, with this commercial for CD Projekt Red’s upcoming game “Cyberpunk 2077”. Goodbye Kansas directed and produced this commercial in close collaboration with our friends at CD Projekt Red


Director: Fredrik Löfberg
VFX Supervisor: Henrik Eklundh
Art Director: Mikael Widegren
Animation Director:Raoul Cacciamani
Executive Producer:Jörgen Lilja
Producer:Rebeca Cervantes
Production Coordinators:Jona Wedholm, Adam Vadi-Dris

Lead Character artist: Magnus Eriksson
Character Modeling: Andre Valck, Axel Flovin, Magnus Eriksson, Sandra Isaksson
Head of Facial Modeling: Jonas Törnqvist
Facial Modelers: Sandra Isaksson
Character Look Development: Magnus Eriksson, Sandra Isaksson

Lead Environment Artist: Lukas McBride
Assets Modelers: Akif Top, Jacob Moilanen, Joakim Engholm
Lead Environment Look Development: Lukas McBride
Look Development Artists: Akif Top, Edouard Calemard, Erika Johansson, Gustav Alexandersson, Kristian Zarins, Saleh Najib

Lead Lighting Artist: Erika Johansson
Lighting and Rendering: Lukas McBride, Henrik Eklundh

Lead Rigging: Gabija Smalinskaite
Rigging TD: Jimmy Johansson, Stephanie Holder
Lead Character FX: Ludvig Eliasson

Facial Rigger: Hampuz Aronsson

Lead Layout: Oliver Askew
Layout: Marco Sjoberg, Marijne Klaassen

Animators: Amnon Schwarz, Maike Engelmann, Mikael Ohlson
Head of Facial Animation: Goran Milic
Facial Animators: Antonija Milic, Mathew Curran
Body Animators: Frida Nilsson, Flynn Dahlberg, Marco Sjöberg

Lead FX: Max Öberg

Lead MattePainter and Concept Artist: Mikael Widegren
Concept and MattePainting Artists: Mikael Eriksson, Hannah-Marjut Myllyoja
Storyboard artists: Mattias Häggström, Mikael Widegren
Lead Compositing: Daniel Norlund
Compositing Artist: Hannah-Marjut Myllyoja, Peter Blomstrand, Tomas Näslund
Motion Graphics: Tom Waldton
Conform: Caio Simbula, Henrik Klein
Head of Pipeline: Erik Johansson
Pipeline: Dan Engelson, Dane Bettis, Joakim Johansson, Simon Rainersson, Stephen Hada
System Administrators: Thomas Ericsson, Gabi Gharib, Emil Ferdinandsson, Armin Cero

Grading: Martin Steinberg

Goodbye Kansas Studios Capture Division:

Motion Capture Line Producer/1st AD: Isa Olai
Head of Motion Capture: Sigtor Kildal
Motion Capture Supervisor: Samuel Tyskling
Motion Capture Lead: David Grice
Motion Capture Operator/Database Management: Oskar Olsson
Motion Capture Operator/Database Management: Ed Reeler
Props&Staging Jonathan Forefält
Senior Tracker: Nils Aulin
Audio Supervisor: Oskar Gyllenhammar
Facial Capture Supervisor: Sigtor Kildal
HMC Operator: Daniel Ljungmark
Make-Up Artist: Sanna Johannesson
DoP: Mattias Häggström
Production Assistance (GBK Frontdesk team): Harrison Ryder, Felicia Brolin, Tiffany Johansson, Kara Ingram

Performance Capture:
V: Felix Scott
Fixer: Peter Eggers
Rockstar: Anna Näsström
Voice Actors:
V:Gavin Drea
Fixer: Nathan Osgood

Stunt coordinator: Nicklas Hansson
Stunt double V: Nicklas Hansson
Stunt Double NCPD: Robban Follin

Client: CD Projekt Red
Game Director: Adam Badowski
Screenplay: Jan Bartkowicz
Previz: Paweł Świerczyński
Supervision/Direction: Jan Bartkowicz
Production: Anna Pietrzak
Music: Marcin Przybyłowicz
SFX: Piotr Malinowski
Special Thanks to: Paweł Mielniczuk, Lucjan Więcek, Jakub Knapik, Tomasz Tinc, Michał Malenta, Jan Rosner

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