Collaboration with Bill Skarsgård

Goodbye Kansas has made a name as a creative studio with unique expertise about performance capture, full CG productions (computer-generated), digital humans and virtual productions. Now the Group’s subsidiaries Infinite Entertainment and Goodbye Kansas Studios have ventured into a collaboration with actor Bill Skarsgård’s company Longships Entertainment, to develop not only a brand new IP but also a whole new way of producing high-end, full CG entertainment content. Bill will both star and co-produce the project.

“I’ve always been impressed with Goodbye Kansas Studios’ technical and creative capabilities. By joining forces, we can shape the way media and technology improve upon the entertainment experience. In many ways, they’re the ideal partner for us,” comments Bill Skarsgård.

“At this stage we can’t share any details about the project, except the fact that we’re looking into using Goodbye Kansas’ technology and expertise to introduce a whole new – and cost effective – way of producing entertainment. We share Bill Skarsgård’s passion for great storytelling and we hope to be able to share more info about our collaboration soon,” comments Peter Levin, CEO at Goodbye Kansas Group.”

(Press release, Stockholm, Sep 1, 2022)
See full press release here.

Published 2 years ago