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Information on how Goodbye Kansas Holding AB (business registration number: 556974-1993, hereafter referred to as the “Company”) processes personal data when carrying out camera surveillance.

Camera surveillance is set up only in certain areas of Company premises. These areas are clearly marked with signs near the entrances. It is within the interest of the Company to carry out camera surveillance to defend the Company’s legitimate interest in averting and preventing crime, theft and vandalism.

Recorded material is stored for 30 days and at that point overwritten automatically. Automatic detection of identities is not performed on any recorded material and recorded material is not used for automated decision making. Recorded material is never transferred to third countries.

Assigned IT and Front Desk staff of the Company have sole access to recorded material. When a crime has been reported, recorded material is provided to Police Authorities upon request.

For personal requests to delete and/or retrieve recorded material of oneself, contact the Company’s Data Protection Officer, The surveilled individual has the right to issue a complaint to Datainspektionen (Swedish supervisory authority for personal information processing),