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#14 – Disaster films

Ever since 1933 when Felix E Feist released a massive tidal wave on a miniature version of New York in his “Deluge”, the Big Apple has been destroyed countless times on the silver screen. Why is destruction so entertaining and what makes a disaster film truly great? This week’s guests Matilda Olsson and Denys Holovyanko walk us through the history of disaster films, reveal their personal favorites and discuss eternal questions like the impossibly tiny world of Roland Emmerich, single dad heroes and why great miniature effect shots never gets old. Also: the actress who survived the Titanic disaster twice and the secret story of the flying cow in “Twister”.


Deluge” (1933) – the destruction of New York
San Francisco” (1936) – scroll to 2:10 for the actual earthquake
Towering Inferno” (1974) trailer
SOS Poseidon” (1972) – the tidal wave hits!
Twister” (1996) – trailer
Independence Day” (1996) –  the aliens attack!
Volcano” (1997) – trailer
Dante’s Peak” (1997) – the volcano erupts!
Earthquake” (1974) – the earthquake hits!
The Day After Tomorrow” (2004) – the wave hits New York!
Titanic” (1997) – Titanic sinks!
Titanic” (1943) trailer (in German)
Armageddon” (1998) – the destruction of Paris
Deep Impact” (1998) – the comet hits Earth
San Andreas” (2015) – the tsunami scene
Geostorm” (2017) – trailer
The Impossible” (2012) – trailer




Published 6 years ago