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#15 – Women in animation and VFX

The Animation and VFX business has always been a boys’ club, so how can we change that? This week VFX producer Matilda Olsson and Lead Animator and Supervisor Christina Sidoti talk about some of all those unsung women in Animation and Film history. Learn more about the female trailblazers, the heroes that struggled in the shadow of mansplaining guys. How is to work in a male dominated business and what can we do to increase the number of women working with VFX and Animation?

The Adventures of Prince Achmed” (Lotte Reiniger, 1926) – some visual highlights
Bambi (1942) – the dog chase scene, an example of animator Retta Scott’s talent for drawing animals
Betty Boop, Popeye and others, Animation by Lilian Friedman
The Pink Phink” (1964) – Oscar winning cartoon with animation by LaVerne Harding

Lotte Reiniger – the pioneer of silhouette animation
Coloring The Kingdom – Disney’s secret army of female inkers and painters in the 30s.
The female trail blazers of ILM
The VFX Industry: Where are the women?
The Movie Business Boys Club – statistics reveal lack of women at all levels of cinema production


Published 6 years ago