Yellow Brick Road

#24 – Never Look Away

In episode #24 we discuss the VFX work on Oscar winner Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s new film “Never Look Away”. VFX Supervisor Ben White and Art Director & Environment Supervisor Raf Morant from Goodbye Kansas Studios in London talk about how they recreated the massive WW2 bombings of Dresden for the film, how to convey a creative vision through VFX and how destruction VFX techniques have evolved through the years.

Links to films we mention in this episode
“Never Look Away” (2019) – trailer (in German)
Luxo Jr” (1986) – short film by Pixar
“The Monuments Men” (2014) – trailer
“Suburbicon” (2017) – trailer
“The Third Man” (1948) – trailer
“Independence Day” (1996) – “Time’s up” sequence

Yellow Brick Road – team ep #24
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Published 6 years ago