Yellow Brick Road

#27 – Horror: A Halloween Special

Yellow Brick Road’s Nils Lagergren ventures into the shadows with horror film cineasts Anton Söderhäll and Samuel Tyskling. What horror films are their favorites, what makes a film scary and why do we love to be scared? We revisit classics like “The Exorcist”, “Halloween, “The Thing”, “Silent Hill” and “The Blair Witch Project”. And dive into recent scary ones like Aronofsky’s “Mother” and the blood soaked revenge of Nicholas Cage in “Mandy”.

Links to films we mention in this episode:
“Le Manoir du Diable” (“The Devil’s Castle”, 1896) – short film
“The Exorcist” (1973) – trailer
“Halloween” (2018) – trailer
“Halloween” (1978) – trailer
“The Thing” (1982) – trailer
“Interview With The Vampire” (1994) – trailer
“The Blair Witch Project” (1999) – trailer
“Silent Hill” (2006) – trailer
“Mother” (2017) – trailer
“Mandy” (2018) – trailer
“Hereditary” (2018) – trailer

Yellow Brick Road – team ep #27
Producer and host: Nils Lagergren
Editor: Tom Waldton
Mastering: Samuel Tyskling
“Yellow Brick Road theme” by Peter Blomstrand, Halloween remix by Tom Waldton
Podcast recorded at Mynewsdesk, Stockholm 


Published 6 years ago