Yellow Brick Road

#28 – Fredrikstad Animation Festival

Fredrikstad Animation Festival in Norway is one of the oldest Animation Festivals in the Nordics. Producer Johan Edström and Senior Animator Jonas Forsman talks about this year’s edition and list their favorite films. Jonas also tells us about his animated short “Robot and the Whale”. Is it hard to produce animated films in the Nordics and how do you get funding?

Links to some of the films we talk about in this episode:
“Dancing On Ice” (2017) – teaser promo
“The Breadwinner” (2017) – trailer
“Despicable Me” (2010) – trailer
“The Tower” (2018) – trailer
“The Egg” (2018) – trailer

Yellow Brick Road – team ep #28
Producer and host: Nils Lagergren
Editor: Tom Waldton
Mastering: Samuel Tyskling
Coordinator: Malin Tvedt
“Yellow Brick Road theme” by Peter Blomstrand
Podcast recorded at Mynewsdesk, Stockholm 

Published 6 years ago