Yellow Brick Road

#34 – The Walking Dead: Walkerfall & Grinder

In the first episode of season 4 we dive into the world of the undead again. VFX Supervisor Andreas Cronström and CG Supervisor Joakim Olsson talk about their work on “The Walking Dead”, including the “Walkerfall” effects of episode 905 and the gruesome Grinder sequence in episode 810. Also: memories from the shoot in Atlanta, do walkers have nicknames and do you ever get used to watching horrible reference videos?

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VFX Breakdown of episode 905 (“Walkerfall”)
Behind The Scenes at the shoot of ep 905
VFX Breakdown of ep 810 (“Grinder”)
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Walking Dead reel 2017

Yellow Brick Road – team ep #34
Producer and host: Nils Lagergren
Editor: Tom Waldton
Mastering: Samuel Tyskling
Coordinator: Malin Tvedt
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Podcast recorded at Mynewsdesk, Stockholm 

Published 5 years ago