Yellow Brick Road

#38 – Robin Hood: 111 years of men in green tights

Robin Hood has been roaming cinema screens since 1908. Yellow Brick Road’s Nils Lagergren and Executive Producers Matilda Olsson and Anton Söderhäll discuss their favourites from these 111 years of outlaws wearing green tights.
From Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn and an animated fox – to Kevin Costner, Cary Elwes, Russel Crowe and Taron Eggerton. This week the Yellow Brick Road leads to Sherwood Forest!
Why is the legend of Robin Hood so successful? What ingredients must a good Robin Hood film include? Why is Alan Rickman the best Sheriff of Nottingham ever? And is it actually possible to shoot arrows as fast as Taron Eggerton in the latest Robin Hood film?

Links to some films we discuss
“Douglas Fairbanks in Robin Hood” (1922) – full film
“The Adventures of Robin Hood” (1938) – trailer
“Rogues of Sherwood Forest” (1950) – final sword fight
“Rocket Robin Hood” (1966) Animated Canadian TV-series
Disney’s “Robin Hood” (1973) – clip
“Prince of Thieves” (1991) – trailer
“Robin Hood: men in tights” (1993) – trailer
“Robin Hood” (2010) – trailer
“Ghosts of Sherwood” (2012) – trailer
“Robin Hood” (2018) – trailer
Lars Andersen – Danish master archer clip

Yellow Brick Road – team ep #38
Producer and host: Nils Lagergren
Editor: Tom Waldton
Mastering: Samuel Tyskling
Coordinator: Malin Tvedt
“Yellow Brick Road theme” by Peter Blomstrand
Podcast recorded at Mynewsdesk, Stockholm 

Published 5 years ago