Short films for Rovio

Goodbye Kansas Studios is currently producing a series of short films for Rovio’s mobile game “Small Town Murders” to help promoting the game on social media. The project is the first collaboration between Rovio and Goodbye Kansas Studios, and it is in many ways a perfect match.

“Small Town Murders” from acclaimed game developer Rovio is a narrative match-3 mobile puzzle game, set in the idyllic hamlet of Thornton Grove, where players can solve puzzles, collect clues and interrogate a quirky cast to find the killer.

“We are of course delighted to work together with Rovio, one of the true heavy-weights in the industry. The format of these films is also a great new way to utilize Goodbye Kansas Studios creative strength when it comes to storytelling and content”, said Peter Levin, CEO and Managing Director at Goodbye Kansas Group.

To advertise the game, Goodbye Kansas Studios and Rovio are producing a series of short films revolving around the two main characters: the aspiring writer Nora Mistry and the dashing Deputy Shanahan.

“Small Town Murders is a game, but it’s also a story. We’re delighted to work with Goodbye Kansas Studios to give our players and fans more content and background to our main characters. Rovio is a place where we craft joy, and where ideas consistently are crafted into something much bigger. This is a place where people experiment and through those experimentations new characters, stories and experiences are born” says Product Director Teemu Hämäläinen from Rovio.


Press release, Stockholm June 15, 2021

Published 3 years ago