Simon Stålenhag directs game trailer

Goodbye Kansas Studios has produced a trailer for Funcom’s game Dune Awakening. The game is inspired by the Legendary Pictures’ movie adaptation of Frank Herbert’s classical sci-fi books. The game trailer has been directed by the visionary artist and author Simon Stålenhag and he has thereby directed his first game trailer.

“The collaboration with Goodbye Kansas Studios and Funcom to create this trailer was an incredible opportunity for me to explore a tiny sliver of the legendary Dune universe. I really enjoy working with Goodbye Kansas Studios since they immediately understand what I’m looking for even though my ideas might seem strange at times. Every part of this project was a delight for me – from concepts, mocap to compositing, and to work on something as deep and rich as the Dune universe was nothing short of an honor and privilege,” says Simon Stålenhag.

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Published 2 years ago