VES Awards nomination

We’re happy to announce that Goodbye Kansas artists Jonas Skoog, Jonas Törnqvist, Goran Milic and Johan Vikström have been nominated for the prestigious VES Award, for “Outstanding animated character in an episode, commercial or real-time project”.

A big shoutout to the whole team who worked on the ‘Skull and Bones’ cinematic trailer “Skull & Bones – Long Live Piracy”!

The trailer – directed by Emnet Mulugeta – was produced for Ubisoft and DDB by Goodbye Kansas Studios and premiered in July 2022.

The VES Awards recognizes and honors the most outstanding visual effects work of the year and honors the artists who created them. The winners will be announced at the 21st Annual VES Awards Gala, February 15.

Check out the other nominees:

Published 1 year ago