Reel: Commercials

With a strong focus on character design, animation and high end VFX, Goodbye Kansas work with commercials for clients all around the globe. We are often involved from the very start, helping agencies and production companies with style frames, mood boards and design drafts to help launch a successful commercial project. Our experienced Character and Creature designers, Directors and Art Directors know exactly how to create the most iconic characters and compelling stories. Our Animators know how to breath true life and soul into characters and creatures. Characters range from photorealistic to cartoony, and creatures include both photorealistic animals from the real animal kingdom and creatures drawn from the creative minds of our artists. Every part of the production is treated with the same attention to detail and quality, since we have dedicated teams for every step from A to Z. We can take care of entire productions or deliver just that specific service your production might need.

Services include: character & creature design and asset build, direction, art direction, production, VFX, 3D scanning, concept art, prints, banners, storyboarding, boardmatics, pre-visualisations, matte paintings, digital extensions, look development, motion capture, 3D & 2D animation, FX, digital pack shots, motion graphics, lighting, rendering and compositing.

Above you can see our latest show reel with work made for commercials.