E Wie Einfach

“Is doch gans isi” – commercials for E Wie Einfach

In German, “Ganz Einfach” means “very easy”, but “gans” also means “goose”, so we created a goose for the star role in a series of commercials for the German electricity company E Wie Einfach. And being experts on CG birds, we would like to think that we were a “ganz” natural choice for creating that goose.


VFX team
VFX Supervisor: Johan Gabrielsson
VFX Producer: Hanna Bengtsson
Executive Producers: Petra Monheim, Claes Dietmann
Modelling: Gustav Alexandersson
Rigging: Peter Jemstedt
Lookdev: Johan Gabrielsson, Gustav Alexandersson
Animation: Cameron Scott
Lighting: Johan Gabrielsson
Compositing: Karl Rydhe, Fredrik Höglin,

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