Flying Monsters

3D VFX and creature work for “Flying Monster 3D” 
Our first production with renowned naturalist Sir David Attenborough was also our first venture into Stereoscopic IMAX productions. “Flying Monster 3D” was produced by Atlantic Productions for Sky, and we handled about 1/3 of the CG shots and all major creature builds. The film won several awards, including a BAFTA for Best Specialist Factual in 2011.

The Tapejara, one of many pterosaurs in the film.


Production Company: Atlantic Productions
Director: Matthew Dyas
VFX supervisor: Mattias Lindahl
VFX producer: Thomas Deutschmann
VFX coordinator: John Thorstensson
Creative consultant: Kaj Steveman
Animation supervisor: Cameron Scott & Staffan Linder
Stereoscopic supervisor: Fredrik Limsäter
Senior Systems Operator: Thomas Ericsson
Research and development: Björn Rydahl & Mattias Lagergren
Animators: Rickard Engqvist, Andrea Kozakova, Kristoffer Björnör, Niklas Lundgren, Staffan Linder
Modellers: Magnus Eriksson, Mattias Forsström
Environment technical directors: Peter Aversten, Christoffer Lindvall, Timmy Lundin
Lighting technical directors, Ander Nyman, Björn Henriksson
Compositors: Daniel Norlund, Andreas Bravin Karlsson, Martin Borell, Mattias Alvarsson, Tomas Näslund
Matte painter: Marcus Forsberg
Avid DS operator : Linda Öhlund
Render wranglers: David Nielsen, Simon Aunér

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