Commercials for Froop fruit yogurt
The jolly chameleon Freddie has been the spokesperson for Froop since 2009, when we designed him for his first appearance in a commercial. Back then he was a quite naturalistic chameleon but already in his second film he had evolved into the Freddie we know today: a funny, energetic and very likable character, voiced by Jim Carey’s German voice actor and always ready for new adventures – and new Froop flavors. Still going strong on his 8th year and with new commercials lined up ahead, Freddie is a perfect example of our talent for creating successful characters.

“One Take”: In the latest Froop commercial, Freddie goes to Tuscany and shows that he can both sing and play the mandolin.
“Goes Wild”: In this commercial, the jolly chameleon Freddie goes to Africa and almost gets stepped on by an elephant.
“Danger“: Freddie the Chameleon lives a dangerous life in this TV commercial.
“Camouflage“: The fourth film with the curious little chameleon Freddie. This time he pushes his camouflage skills to the limit in his pursuit of a new Froop flavor.
“Fruchtsafari“: The third film with the yogurt loving chameleon Freddie.
In this - his first film - Freddie was still more of a regular chameleon, but already in his second film he had turned into the character we know today.


Many of our artists have worked with Freddie through the years. This is the team that worked on the film "Jungle Adventure"

Agency: DDB/Track GmbH
Director/DOP: Jonas Winter-Scholz
Animation Director: Rickard Engqvist
Producer: Hanna Bengtsson
Executive Producers: Claes Dietmann, Petra Monheim
Animation: Rickard Engqvist, Cameron Scott, Raoul Cacciamani
Tracking: Joakim Olsson, Fredrik Höglin
Lighting: Rodrigo Vivedes
FX: Filip Orrby
Compositing: Fredrik Höglin, Andreas Cronström, Martin Borell, Karl Rydhe

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