We were honored to produce the opening titles for the “Halo” TV show, for Paramount +.


Director: Will Adams
Art Director: Will Adams
VFX Supervisor: Kristian Zarins
CG Supervisor: Ivor Da Silva
Executive Producer: Anton Söderhäll
Producer: La-Râ Hinckeldeyn
Line Producer: Lena-Carolin Lohfink
Production Assistant: Josefine Jakobsson
Animation Director: Staffan Linder
Character Lead: Sandra Isaksson
Character Modeling: Magnus Eriksson, Jonas Skoog, Jesper Bardhamre
Facial Modelling: Mert Erguden, Sandra Isaksson
Character Look Development and Groom: Sandra Isaksson, Johan Vikström
Lighting Lead: Ivor Da Silva
Lighting: Johan Vikström, Sean Kalamgi, Erika Johansson
Rigging Lead: Gabija Smalinskaite
Rigging artist: Peter Jemstedt
Character FX Lead: Ludvig Eliasson
Layout: Svetoslav Petkov
Keyframe Animation Lead: Staffan Linder
Animaton Keyframe: Jonas Ekman, Frank Spalteholz, Raoul Cacciamani
FX Lead: Max Öberg
FX Artists: Viktor Wagner, Martin Widö
Concept Art: Jesper Bardhamre, Till-Valentin Holder, Michael Rigley
Compositing Lead: Peter Blomstrand
Compositing: Daniel Norlund, Calle Granström
Motion Graphic Artists: Tom Waldton, Marcus Melin, Michael Rigley, Roman Tikhonov
VFX Editor: Caio Simbula, Henrik Klein, Jimmy Zhu, Finn Jäger

Head of Pipeline: Erik Johansson
Pipeline: Dane Bettis, Albert Cervin, Stephen Hada, Sakarias Johansson, Linus Fredriksson, Karin Reidarman, Nils Lerin, Joakim Johansson
System Administrators: Thomas Eriksson, Tiffany Johansson, Gabi Gharib, Armin Cero, Emil Ferdinandsson, Hampus Robertsson, Johan Agurén, Kaja Michalak
Grading: Jimmy Zhu, Caio Simbula

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