Mice can be cute, but they can create quite a mess.
Luckily Kärcher has a product that can help you clean your home after their visit.

Goodbye Kansas did all mouse VFX for this commercial and delivered material for the print campaign.


Director: Martin Haerlin
Production company: Cobblestone // CFS Krug
Agency: Jung von Matt / Neckar

Goodbye Kansas VFX team:
Executive Producers: Petra Monheim, Claes Dietmann
Producers: Johan Edström, Hanna Bengtsson
Supervisor: Rickard Engqvist
Onset Supervision: Henrik Klein, Finn Jäger.
Concept Artist: Mikael Eriksson
Lead Model and Lookdev Artist: Magnus Andersson
Modeler: Erik Hallberg
Model and Lookdev Artist: Mica Olsson
Rigging Lead: Jimmy Johansson
Rigger: Mattias Nyberg
Lead Animator: Raoul Cacciamani
Animators: Larry Ruppel, Laura Trespioli, Jonathan Skifs
FX Artists: Ludvig Jonsson, Martin Widö
Lighting Artists: Alexis Andersson, Saleh Najib, Sandra Scholz, Sean Kalamgi
Compositing Artists: Karl Rydhe, Sven Ahlström, Martin Borell, Mattias Sandelius, Robin Zeijlon
Match Move Artist: Joakim Olsson
Motion Graphics: Victor Norman
Conform and Compositor: Henrik Klein

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