Do you remember how it was to play with your toys when you were a kid? Do you remember that magic feeling of reality? How it all felt so totally real and how your toy train felt just like a real train? In two new commercials for LEGO DUPLO Train, that special feeling is celebrated.


Production Company: M2Film
Director: Thomas J Mikkelsen
DOP: Christian Graversen
CGI Producer: Karsten Nielsen
VFX Supervisor: Filip Stanfeld
Executive Producer: Ole Holm Christensen
Agency: LEGO Agency
Art Director: Tobias Prag
Sr. Video Producer, Lars Bartkær
Marketing Manager: Jodie Alliss

VFX by Goodbye Kansas
Executive VFX Producer: Jörgen Lilja
VFX Producer: Johan Edström
VFX Production Coordinator: Jona-Karen Wedholm
CGI Supervisor: Hannes Drossel
Modelers: Sandra Isaksson, Magnus Eriksson, Frans Åkerman
Lookdev Supervisor: Johan Gabrielsson
Lookdev Artists: Sandra Isaksson, Frans Åkerman, Magnus Eriksson, Andreas Leijon
Rigger: Jimmy Johansson
Animation Supervisor & Animator: Jonas Forsman
Animator: Robert Rosén
Lighting: Andreas Leijon
Compositing artists: Robin Zeijlon, Max Wester, Fredrik Höglin

Co-production VFX company: Milford
VFX Producer: Oskar Wahlberg
VFX Supervisor: Oskar Wahlberg, John Roxenhed
Environment TD: John Roxenhed
VFX TD: Sebastian Ekman
Modeling: Linus Holm, Gustav Tell
Rigging: Anton Stattin
Animation: Anton Stattin, Antonio Deiana
Lighting: Daniel Holmgren
VFX: Niklas Grahn
Compositing: Oskar Wahlberg, Daniel Holmgren

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