In 2012, we co-produced this German family adventure about a friendly Yeti-like character named Yoko. We designed and created Yoko both as an animatronic costume and in full CG. The CG production consisted of 148 shots with roughly eight minutes of animation of the furry digital character and various particle effects.


Animation Supervisor /VFX Supervisor: Cameron Scott
Creative director/VFX/SFX Supervisor: Kaj Steveman
Lighting Lead: Johan Gabrielsson
Compositing Lead: Daniel Norlund
VFX Producer: Claes Dietmann
VFX Producer: Thomas Deutchmann
Line Producers VFX: Hanna Bengtsson & Sara Waldestam
CG Supervisor: Cameron Scott
On set Supervisors: Daniel Norlund, Anders Nyman, Cameron Scott & Hanna Bengtsson
Animatronic Technicians: Niklas Hermansson, Fia Reisek & Oskar Wallroth
Animatronic Puppeteer: Robert Tygner
Workshop supervisor: Niklas Hermansson
Senior SFX Technician: Julian E Marsh
Senior Animatronic Design : Simon Williams
Senior Animatronic Design: Matt Denton
Sculptor: Shino Kotani
Fabricator: Liz Murray
Seamstress: Helene Söhr-Jonstam
Mold maker/Foam Technician: Oskar Wallroth
Fabricator Assistant: Fia Reisek
Senior mould maker / Senior foam: Per Steinar Hoftun
Sculptor: Eline Kumlander
Workshop Assistant: Lars Berg
Character Design supervisor: Kaj Steveman
Original artwork design: Rickard Engqvist, Staffan Linder, Marcus Forsberg & Cameron Scott
Concept Maquette: Magnus Eriksson
Character Modeling artist: Magnus Eriksson
Hair & Fur: Johan Gabrielsson
Texturing Artists: Anders Nyman, Johan Gabrielsson, Staffan Linder
Rigging Artist: Magnus Eriksson, Cameron Scott
Fur simulation: Anders Nyman, Timmy Lundin & Björn Svanström
Lead Animator: Cameron Scott
Animators: Andrea Kozakova, Miguel Fuertes, Robert Lehman, Moush Angre, Raoul Cacciamani, Maria Avramova, Staffan Linder
Lighting & Shading Lead: Johan Gabrielsson
Lighting Artists: Anna Hilding, Petter Bergmark, Andreas Bravin Karlsson, Anders Nyman, Björn Liljequist, Damir Filipovic
FX Artist: Timmy Lundin
Compositing Lead: Daniel Norlund
Compositing Artists: Tomas Näslund, Martin Borell, Andreas Andersson, Martin Malm, Pontus Albrecht, Karl Rydhe, Petter Ideström, Victor Sanchez
Matchmove Artists: Andreas Andersson, Jonas Wollmén & Björn Svanström
Matchmove Junior: Christian Särnholm, André Carlsson
Digital Artists: Petter Bergmark, Joakim Eriksson
Digital Artists Junior: Kristoffer Björnör, Stefan Berglund
DS Operator: Linda Öhlund
Systems Administrator: Thomas Ericsson

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