Epica Awards Silver

Goodbye Kansas Studios has been awarded a Silver at the Epica Awards for its production of the “Skull & Bones” trailer “Long live Piracy”. The jury for the Epica Awards is composed of media representatives and includes more than 200 magazines and websites across the world.

Goodbye Kansas Studios produced the trailer for Ubisoft’s game “Skull & Bones”, an epic adventure involving all the classic pirate movie ingredients, like storms, fierce battles, beautiful settings and engaging characters. The trailer was directed by Emnet Mulugeta and produced by Jan Cafourek, Executive Producer at Goodbye Kansas Studios, in collaboration with DBB and Ubisoft.

“We are proud of the team at Goodbye Kansas Studios who for the second consecutive year win a silver at the Epica Awards. The trailer for Skull & Bones shows the audience what we can do in terms of beautiful and engaging scenes as well as some of the industry’s best Digital Humans,” says Stefan Danieli, CEO of Goodbye Kansas Group.

See the complete list here.

See the trailer here.

Published 2 years ago