ATG – Vinnie

Creature character work for a series of commercials for ATG, the Swedish horse racing organization.
Vinnie is a very small horse with very big dreams. In 2014, Vinnie was introduced as spokesperson for the ATG brand (the Swedish Horse Racing Totalisator Board) and quickly established himself as a very popular and beloved character. We’ve been involved in Vinnie’s success story since the very beginning, providing all VFX needed to help Vinnie talk and act. We use many different tricks to create the illusion of Vinnie’s adventures. Some shots are barely touched, others demand animation of the mouth and partial body replacement. Some shots are all CG.

Agency: Åkestam Holst, Production Company: FLX, films directed by Felix Herngren & Bill Schumacher

Our latest ATG film is a real snowy action piece.
“The diving tower”: Vinnie is a brave little horse, at least when assisted by some of our VFX.
“Boost”: 100 cloned Vinnies turn the small town of Vinnåker into a giant dance party.
“Together”: In this film Vinnie goes to the gym for a workout. We did a variety of VFX work including some full CG horse shots.


The first Vinnie film was "No Dream Is Too Big", and this was the team that did that one.
Agency: Åkestam Holst
Production Company: FLX
Director: Felix Herngren
VFX Producers: Claes Dietmann & Nils Lagergren
Line producers: Anders Singstedt & Linda Öhlund
VFX Supervisor and Character Development: Rickard Engqvist
Modeling & Rigging: Magnus Eriksson,
Lookdev: Johan Gabrielsson,
Animation: Rickard Engqvist & Cameron Scott
Tracking & Compositing: Joakim Olsson, Teo Mathlein, Anders Nyman, Daniel Norlund, Martin Borell, Tomas Näslund,

The other films involved many more artists:

Production Company: Goodbye Kansas
VFX Producer: Linda Öhlund
Conform: Henrik Klein, Tomas Näslund
Tracking: Jacob Moilanen
Animation: Christina Sidoti
FX & Lighting: Simon Rainersson, Filip Orrby
Compositing: Martin Borell
Online: Henrik Klein

“The diving tower”
VFX Producer: Linda Öhlund
VFX Supervisor: Rickard Engqvist
Tracking: Joakim Olsson, Filip Orrby
Animation: Rickard Engqvist.
Hair: Joakim Olsson
Lighting: Joakim Olsson
Compositing: Teo Mathlein, Mattias Sandelius, Joakim Olsson

Production Company: Goodbye Kansas
Director: Cameron Scott
Choreography: Anna Vnuk
Producer: Linda Öhlund
Executive Producer: Nils Lagergren
Tracking: Cameron Scott, Karl Rydhe
Animation: Cameron Scott, Raoul Cacciamani,
FX: Filip Orrby, Simon Rainerson, Joakim Olsson
L/R: Johan Gabrielsson
Compositing: Martin Borell, Karl Rydhe,

VFX Producer: Linda Öhlund
VFX Line producer: Anders Singstedt
VFX Supervisor: Rickard Engqvist
Tracking: Joakim Eriksson, Joakim Olsson
Animation: Rickard Engqvist. Fredrik Olsson, Niklas Lundgren
L/R: Joakim Olsson, Erika Johansson,
FX: Filip Orrby
Compositing: Martin Borell, Viktor Andersson, Mattias Sandelius, Jonas Lindfors

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