Raid: World War II – Cut Scenes

Goodbye Kansas did not only do the cinematic trailer for Starbreeze’s and Lion Game Lion’s game “Raid: World War II”. We also directed and produced the live action cut scenes in the game, a series of clips starring comedy legend John Cleese. We produced 26 scenes with Cleese as “Control” – Head of the Secret Intelligence Service and the man who sends the game players on their missions in a war torn Europe. And another 24 scenes featuring the arch enemy Adolf Hitler, played by Oliver Urbanski.

Control intro
Failure: "Hugs the world"
Failure: "Misunderstands"
Failure: "The slap"
Failure: "Told you so"
Success: "Crunches bones"
Success: "EVA!"
Success: "Moustache"
Success: "Tin Soldiers"


Director: Andrée Wallin
Executive Producer: Jörgen Lilja
Producer: Johan Sundbaum
DOP: Jo Eken Torp
Lead Artist: Henrik Klein
Compositing: Elise Smulovo
Concept: Mikael Widegren
Storyboard: Kait Kybar
Art Work: Mikael Eriksson

Service Production: Partnership Production, Prague

Cinematic Producer: Hampus Gross
Global Brand Director: Almir Listo
Copywriter: Tid Cooney

Lion Game Lion
Creative Director: Ilija Petrusic

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