The Outer Worlds

“The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos” is a narrative expansion to the award-winning RPG from Obisidian Entertainment and Private Division. The plot revolves around the murder of the famous Halcyon Helen and how to find the killer when everyone is suspected.

We were delighted to produce this in-game cinematic, a wonderful opportunity to play with a classic 50s film-noir visual style – and create a great real-time CG character in the process.


Client: Obsidian
Cinematics Director: Joe Rubino
Narrative Director: Leonard Boyarsky
Art Director: Matt Hansen
Game Director: Megan Starks
Audio Director: Justin Bell
Audio Designer: Felipe Pereira
Producer: Brian Goetz
Producer: Caleb Diaz
Producer: Erin Ahern

Goodbye Kansas Studios:
Director: Bengt-Anton Runsten
CG Supervisor: Pontus Garmvild
Realtime Supervisor: Tim Hermes
Animation Director: Pontus Garmvild
Art Director: Bengt-Anton Runsten
Executive Producer: Jörgen Lilja
Producers: David Enbom, Sini Lindberg
Production Coordinator: Anna Thenberg
Production Assistant: Josefine Jakobsson
Realtime artists: Herman Fredlund, Jacob Vaknin
Keyframe animators: Jonathan Skifs, Fredrik Olsson
Body Animation Lead: Frida Nilsson
Facial Animation Lead: Goran Milic
Facial Animation Artists: Mathew Curran, Stuart MacBean, Antonija Milic, Dylan O’Rourke, Svetoslav Petkov
Modeling Lead Creature: Brett Sinclair
Modeling Artists Creature: Andre Valck, Frans Åkerman, Joakim Engholm
Face Modeling Lead: Jonas Törnqvist
Face Modeling Artist: Hedda Peterson
Modeling Lead Environment: Jesper Bardhamre
Modeling Artists Environment: Jacob Moilanen, Lukas McBride
Lookdev Artist Creature: Brett Sinclair
Lookdev Artists Environment: Jesper Bardhamre, Jacob Moilanen, Lukas McBride
Hair Groom: Brett Sinclair, Hedda Peterson
Layout Lead: Svetoslav Petkov
Layout Artist: Daniel Ljungmark
Rigging Lead: Stephanie Holder
Rigging Artists: Jacob Vaknin, Gabija Smalinskaite
Face Rigging Lead: John Augustsson
Face Rigging Artist: Hampuz Aronsson
CFX Artists: Mica Olsson, Ludvig Eliasson, Jacob Vaknin, Viktor Lanner
FX artist: Andreas Glad
Lighting artists: Sean Kalamgi, Marc Goliszek
Compositing Lead: Karl Rydhe
Compositing Artists: Daniel Norlund, Olov Samuelsson
Editorial: Henrik Klein
Colour Grading & Finishing: Finn Jäger
Motion Graphics: Tom Waldton

Head of MoCap: Samuel Tyskling
Executive Producer: Anton Söderhäll
Line Producer: Isa Olai
Production Assistant: Franziska Ewigleben
FAD: Isa Olai, Franziska Ewigleben
On Set Production Assistant: Madeline Waring
Motion Capture Supervisor: Samuel Tyskling
Motion Capture Lead: David Grice
Motion Capture Operator: Ed Reeler
Database Management: Oskar Olsson
Motion Capture Data Artist: Oskar Olsson
Facial Capture Operator: Daniel Ljungmark
Realtime Operator: Herman Fredlund
Makeup Artist: Sanna Johannesson
Audio Supervisor: Oskar Gyllenhammar
Props & Staging: Jonathan Forefält, David Sagesen
Pipeline Developers: Erik Johansson, Dane Bettis, Albert Cervin, Stephen Hada, Sakarias Johansson, Linus Fredriksson, Karin Reidarman, Nils Lerin, Joakim Johansson, Dan Englesson

Performance Actor: Diana Gardner
Voice Performance Actor: Alegra Clark
Composer: Justin Bell

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