Intro cinematic. 
Coldwood’s Unravel game took the world by storm and the lovable little character Yarny was an instant success. But what about his backstory? Where did he come from? This melancholy intro cinematic about Yarny’s beginnings was made in close collaboration with Coldwood.

Here's the outro we did.
VFX Breakdown of how we created the Unravel outro
When EA introduced Unravel at the E3 Expo, we helped them out by creating this reveal, featuring the enchanting central character, Yarny.


Director: Fred Löfberg
Executive Producer: Jörgen Lilja
Art Director: Gustaf Holmsten
VFX Supervisor: Henrik Eklundh
Lead Character Artist: Jonas Skoog
Lead Animator: Jonas Ekman
Light & FX TD: Simon Rainerson
Lead Compositor: Calle Granström
Compositor: Peter Blomstrand
Production Manager: Pontus Garmvild
Rigging TD: Peter Jemstedt
Junior 3D Artists: Sebastian Salvo, Erik Tylberg
Motion Capture Studio manager: Anton Söderhäll
Motion Capture Animation manager: Andrew Hutchinson
Motion Capture Supervisor: Samuel Tyskling
Motion capture Lead: David Grice
Software Developer: Jakob Alenius
Talent: Rakel Vinka

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