Vacation is all about relaxation, and in these TVCs and web spots for the German travel agency, we meet a sloth who really knows how to chill and relax.
Goodbye Kansas did the entire production, bringing this wonderful character alive.


Executive Producer: Petra Monheim
Animation Director: Rickard Engqvist
CG Supervisor: Johan Gabrielsson
VFX Producers: Lena-Carolin Lohfink, David Enbom, Linda Öhlund
VFX Coordinator: Alexander Darrell
Editorial/Online: Finn Jäger

Concept: Christopher Brändström
Storyboard: Patrick Bandau
Modeling: Gustav Alexandersson, Mikael Andersson, Andre Valck, Staffan Linder, Hampus Eriksson, Magnus Eriksson
Rigging: Stephanie Holder
Look Development: Johan Gabrielsson, Gustav Alexandersson, Mikael Andersson, Axel Flovin
Animation: Fredrik Olsson, Jonathan Skifs
FX Artist: Ludvig Eliasson
Lighting: Johan Gabrielsson, Hampus Eriksson
Matte Painting: Henrik Lundblad
Compositing: Sven Ahlström, Robin Zeijlon, Denys Holovyanko, Mattias Sandelius
Grading & Finishing: Finn Jäger

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