Overkill’s The Walking Dead – launch trailer

You’ve meet Aidan, Maya, Grant and Heather in their separate character trailers for Starbeeze’s game “Overkill’s The Walking Dead”. Now it’s time to see them in action together, as they’re joining forces on their first mission in the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead.

Watch the VFX breakdown above and the actual trailer below.


Director: Fredrik Löfberg
Art Director: Mikael Widegren
Assistant Art Director: Gustaf Holmsten
VFX Supervisor: Henrik Eklundh
Animation Director: Jonas Ekman
Executive Producer: Jörgen Lilja
Producer: Thomas Oger, Rebeca Cervantes
VFX Coordinator: Anna Thenberg
Script: Fredrik Löfberg, Hampus Gross

Lead Character Artist: Jonas Skoog
Character Modeling: Sandra Isaksson, Adam Sacco, Mario Baldi
Lead Facial Modeler: Jonas Törnqvist
Facial Modeler : Anneli Larsson
Character Look Development: Henrik Eklundh, Sandra Isaksson

Lead Environment Artist: Gustav Alexandersson
Environment artist: Mikael Andersson
Assets Modelers: Magnus Andersson, Danilo Lombardo, Frans Åkerman, Jessica Nyberg,

Lead Environment Look Development : Jesper Bardhamre
Look Development Artists: Magnus Andersson, Lucas McBride, Danilo Lombardo, Arturo Orgaz, Axel Flovin

Lead Lighting : Kristian Zarins, Jesper Bardhamre, Lukas Mcbride
Lighting and Rendering: Erika Johansson, Hampus Ericsson, Andreas Leijon, Henrik Eklundh

Lead Rigging: Peter Jemstedt
Lead Character FX : Ludvig Eliasson
Character FX : Gabija Smalinskaite, Stephanie Holder
Facial Rigging : Nils Lerin
Rigging: Gabija Smalinskaite

Head of Facial Animation: Goran Milic
Senior Facial Animator: Tamara Bogdanovic    
Facial Animator: Gorana Kovacevic  
Junior Facial Animator: Antonija Milic

Head of Body Animation: Johan Fröjd
Senior Body Animators: Frida Safar, Dusan Vlatkovic, Viktor Kostik, Jan Germala
Body Animator: Ljiljana Antonovic, Staffan Linder

Lead FX: Max Öberg, Richard Lyons
FX Artists : Jonathan Enström, Maria Giannakourou

Technical Director : Simon Rainerson

Lead MattePainter and Concept Artist: Mikael Widegren
Concept Artist : Gustaf Ekelund, Henrik Lundblad
Storyboard Artist : Mikael Eriksson, Gustaf Ekelund

Lead Compositing: Peter Blomstrand
Compositing Artist: Mattias Sandelius, Denys Holovyanko, Daniel Nordlund, Hannah Myllyoja
Editor: Henrik Klien, Peter Blomstrand, Fredrik Löfberg
Grading : Martin Steinberg
Online : Henrik Klein, Finn Jäger

Pipeline: Erik Johansson, Emil Ferdinandsson, Dan Englesson, Dane Bettis, Joakim Johansson

Sound design: Redpipe
Sound designer: Jon Persson, Joakim Kristensen, Kim Creutzer, Fredrik Lantz
Music : Adam Wallin

Goodbye Kansas Studios Capture Division
Executive Producer : Anton Söderhäll
Line Producer/Mocap Supervisor: Samuel Tyskling
Mocap Lead : David Grice
Stange Manager : Marko Marinkovic
Senior Tracker : Nils Aulin
Junior Mocap Technician : Oskar Olsson
Mocap TD : Oskar Eriksson
Mocap department coordinator : Isa Olai
Makeup : Sanna Johannesson

Goodbye Kansas Studios Scanning Division:
Scan Operator: Roger Sundberg
HMC Supervisor: Sigtor Kildal, Daniel Ljungmark
Production Coordinator : Mitra Ashkan Far

Performance Actors:
Heather: Deirdre Mullins
Grant : William Hope
Aidan: John Mac Millian
Maya : Kae Alexander
Heavy: Johan Lindqvist
Walkers: Nicklas Hansson

Voice Actress
Heather : Kari Walhgren
Maya : Stephanie Sheh
Heavy : Eric Loren

Stunt doubles
Lukas Larsson
Johan Lindqvist

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