Simon Stålenhag has built a reputation as artist and author of several acclaimed art books, including “Tales from the Loop” and “Things from the Flood”, where he’s invites the readers to an alternative reality where robots and sci/fi elements walk hand in hand with ordinary everyday life.
With the video for the song “Geronimo” by Duvchi (feat. Nadia Nair), Simon Stålenhag makes his directorial debut, and Goodbye Kansas worked closely with him to bring his unique visual style to the screen.
The work included creation and animation of the CG head and hands of the main character and underwater sceneries featuring several mysterious extinct creatures.

VFX Breakdown


Song: Duvchi feat. Nadia Nair - Geronimo
Written by: Jens Duvsjö, Nadia Nair
Produced by: Duvchi

Director: Simon Stålenhag

Producer – Julia Angelin
Line Producer – Sophie Smirnakos
Production – Adam Torbjörnsson, Joel Pettersson, Malin Gyllenhammar Broman, Petter Carlson, Marcus Angelin

DoP: Johan Hannu

First Assistant Cameraman: Jonas Ernhill
Clapper loader: Elis Faber
Gaffer: Christopher Norin
Grip: Fredrik Johansson
DIT: David Rainer
Assistant: Andreas Lindholm
Camera Drone: Jan Jansson

Editor: Peter Wendin
Sound design: Mattias Eklund / Chimney Group

Executive Producer: Tom Olsson
VFX Supervisor: Staffan Linder
VFX Producer: Hanna Nordersnö

VFX Coordinator: Jona Wedholm

Concept Artist: Christopher Brändström

On set VFX Coordinator: Jonathan Forefält
Matchmove and on set VFX coordinator: Oliver Askew
Matchmove: Marco Sjoberg

Modelling: Jonas Skoog, Frans Åkerman, Andre Valck

LookDev: Jonas Skoog, Erika Johansson, Robin Perden, Axel Flovin

Rigging: Gabija Smalinskaite, Stephanie Holder

Animation: Fredrik Olsson, Jonas Forsman, Jonathan Skifs, Christina Sidoti, Staffan Linder

Lighting: Rodrigo Vivedes, Sean Kalamgi, Alexis Andersson, Pawel Roth

FX: Ludvig Jonsson, David Vestin

Compositing: Fredrik Höglin, Olov Samuelsson, Martin Borell, Jacob Moilanen, Peter Blomstrand, Tomas Näslund, Lars Wallund, Edouard Calemard, Fredrik Mannerfelt, Markus Bergqvist, Mattias Sandelius, Karl Rydhe, Zebastian Lilja, Max Wester, Hanna Myllyoja

Editorial and colourgrading: Henrik Klein
Editorial: Caio Simbula

Costume: Linda Prejner
Piano notes: Cornelius Cardew
Piano art: Simon Stålenhag, Jens Duvsjö, Carl Löf
Illustration on briefcase: Maja Säfström
Smoke: Nils Gullriksson, Martin Högberg / Arclight

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