League of Gods

“League of Gods” (Feng Shen Bang) was one of the most ambitious Chinese feature films of 2016. We were both delighted and proud to get the opportunity to produce several advanced VFX shots for the film. Below are some breakdowns of how we created some of them:

VFX Breakdown of another of the shots we did.
VFX Breakdown of how we created "Sky City" for the film.


VFX Supervisor: Cameron Scott
VFX Producer: Matilda Olsson
VFX Producer: Johan Edström
VFX Coordinator: Fredrik Juréen
VFX Executive: Producer Tom Olsson
Lead Lighting TD: Filip Orrby
Lead Environment Modeller: Gustav Alexandersson
Lead Character Modeller: Magnus Eriksson
Compositing Lead: Calle Granström
Concept Artist: Mikael Widegren
Pipeline Engineer: Erik Johansson
Systems Administrator: Thomas Eriksson
VFX Artists: Alexis Andersson, Andreas Cronström, Br, ett Sinclair Christina Sidoti, Christopher Brändström, Daniel Midholt, David Nelin, David Vestin, Denys Holovyanko, Erika Johansson, Frans Åkerman, Fredrik Höglin, Hanna Myllyoja, Hannes Drossel, Henrik Eklundh, Jacob Moilanen, Joakim Eriksson, Johan Gabrielsson, Jonas Ekman, Josef Bergström, Karl Rydhe, Kristian Zarins, Lars Wemmje, Linus Holm, Martin Borell, Mattias Sandelius, Max Wester, Max Öberg, Mikael Ovesson, Peter Blomstrand, Sandra Isaksson, Sean Kalamgi, Sebastian Greese, Teo Mathlein, Tomas Näslund, Zebastian Lilja

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