Redfall Heroes

We were happy to work on the character trailers for Bethesda’s and Arkande Studios game “Redfall”, presenting the four heroes of the game. Above is the first of the trailers, with the backstory of Layla, released in April 2023.



Remi's backstory
Devinder's backstory
Jacob's backstory


Client: Bethesda Game Studios & Arkane Studios

Director: Emnet Mulugeta
VFX Supervisor: Pontus Garmvild
Art Director: Tom Waldton, Marcus Melin
Executive Producer: Jörgen Lilja
Producers: Hanna Nordersnö, Daria Zienowicz, Rebeca Cervantes
Production Assistants: Isabella Nilsson, Ida Ippolito
Illustrations & Storyboards: Karl Johnsson
Motion graphics: Marcus Melin, Tom Waldton
Modeling & Look Development Artists: Branko Basarovski
Rigging Artists: Peter Jemstedt, Stephanie Holder
Character FX Artists: Ludvig Eliasson, Navjin Khosravi
Facial Rigger: Mattias Nyberg
Lead Layout: Svetoslav Petkov
Look Development: Alexis Andersson, Sandra Isaksson
Blocking: Staffan Linder
Facial Animation Supervisor: Goran Milic
Facial Animators: Antonija Milic, Dylan O'Rourke, Mathew Curran, Goran Milic
Body Animators: Benjamin Brenneur, Thomas Obrecht
Key-frame animation: Mikael Ohlson, Christina Sidoti, Robert Babenko, Jonathan Skifs
FX artists: Ludvig Jonsson, Robert Reinschedl
Lighting Artists: Chris Debski, Sean Kalamgi, Lukas McBride
Compositing Artists: Lukasz Przybytek, Calle Granström
Editorial & Conform: Mathias Löfquist, Caio Simbula
Grading : Martin Steinberg

Sound Design & Foley: Redpipe

Head of Pipeline: Erik Johansson
Pipeline Developers: Simon Rainersson, Sakarias Johansson, Albert Cervin, Rasmus Haapaoja, Josefine Klintberg, Stehphen Hada, Linus Fredriksson, Dane Bettis

System Administrators: Kaja Michalak, Armin Cero, Johan Agurén, Daniel Arvor, Hampus Robertsson, Gabi Gharib, Thomas Eriksson, Tiffany Johansson

Production Assistance (GBK Frontdesk team): Kara Inggram, Harrison Ryder, Emma Appelgren

Goodbye Kansas Motion Capture Department
Head of Capture: Chris Jestico
Motion Capture Supervisor: Samuel Tyskling
Motion Capture 1st AD: Axel Gärkman
Motion Capture Operator: Oskar Olsson
Motion Capture Lead: David Grice
Motion Capture Data Artist: Eva Lindgren
Props & Staging: David Sagesen
Facial Motion Capture Operator: Mathew Curran
Motion Capture Retargeting: Jan Germala
Audio Engineer: Oskar Gyllenhammar

Performance Actors: Tove Vahlne
Stunt Coordinator: Lukas Larsson

Assets built in earlier project (Redfall announcement trailer 2021)
Lead Character Artist: Jonas Skoog
Character Modeling Artist: Frans Åkerman, Andre Valck, Sandra Isaksson, Magnus Eriksson, Jonas Skoog, Peter Skager
Lookdev Character Artists: Axel Flovin, Jonas Skoog, Frans Åkerman, Sandra Isaksson, Andree Valck, Alexis Andersson
Lead Facial Modeling Artist: Jonas Törnqvist
Facial Modeling Artists: Shraga Weiss, Ana Bogdanovic
Additional Modeling: Room 8 Studio
Environment Modeling Lead: Gustav Alexandersson
Environment Modelling Artists: Gustav Alexandersson, Alexis Andersson
Environment Lookdev Artists: Lukas McBride, Evelina Kornebrant, Pim Shaitosa,
Prop Modeling artists: Akif Top, Evelina Kornebrant
Grooming artists: Axel Flovin, Jonas Skoog
Body Rigging Lead: Peter Jemstedt
Body Rigging artists: Gabija Smalinskaite, Stephanie Holder
Facial Rigging Lead: Mattias Nyberg
Facial Rigging Artists: John Augustsson, Nils Lerin

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