Suburbicon is a black comedy/mystery set in an idyllic 50s US suburb with affordable homes and carefully manicured lawns. But all is not what it seems in this postcard Utopia. Beneath the surface, the community is filled with betrayal, deceit and violence…

The film is directed by George Clooney and written by the Coen brothers and Grant Heslov. It premiered at the Venice Film Festival in September, and will hit US screens in October.

Goodbye Kansas delivered all VFX for the film, over 300 VFX shots including plenty of set extensions. Here’s the trailer for the film.


Director: George Clooney
VFX Supervisor: Matt Kasmir
Compositing Supervisor: Jim Parsons
VFX Art Director: Rafael Morant
VFX Executive Producer: Martin Hobbs
VFX Producer: James Prosser
VFX Coordinator: Vikki Chapman
Head of Editorial: Robin Hinch
3D/DMP Artists: James Sutton, Emeric Saint-Germain, Jesper Kjolsrud, Richard Vosper-Carey, Johan Gabrielsson
Compositors: Jeremy Hey, Jason Evans, Terence Alvares, Aleksandra Czenczek, Andreas Cronström, Calle Granström, Alex Balmer, Abigail Scollay, Richard Fox, Nocholas Cruz, Jeanette Monero, Elise Smulova, Zebastian Lilja, Hannah-Marjut Myllyoja, Stewart Macpherson, Rory Lowe, Chris Duffy, Karolina Szydlowska, Caroline Campbell, Jack Hennigan, Ines Boneca, George Antonopoulos, Vikram Chadha, Simon Kilroe, Guillermo Algora,
Crew Support: Mylo
CTO: Thomas Ericsson
Pipeline TD: Erik Johansson
Systems Administrator: Emil Ferdinandsson
VFX Data Wrangler: James Dornoff

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