Känn Ingen Sorg

This Swedish feature film is based on the lyrics of Håkan Hellström, one of Sweden’s most famous artists. “Känn Ingen Sorg” (“Shed No tears”) is a story about friendship, dreams and being young. Released in 2013, it was a big hit in Sweden.

Our team created all VFX, including everything from subtle poetic effects and talking shrimps to the destruction of the iconic Gothenburg bridge Älvsborgsbron.



Directors: Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein

Production Company: Acne

VFX Supervisor:
 Staffan Linder

VFX Producers:
 Claes Dietmann,
Kaj Steveman

VFX Line Producers: Hanna Bengtsson
, Anders Singstedt

3D Artists:
 Anders Nyman
, Anna Hilding,
immy Lundin, Mgnus Eriksson
, Joakim Eriksson,
iael Johansson

Compositing Artists:
 Tomas Näslund, Ferik Höglin, 
atn Borell
, Anna Hilding, 

Matte Painting Artist:
 Marcus Forsberg

VFX Editor: 
Lid hlund

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