Art Department

Every story begins with an image 

With the continuous growth of Goodbye Kansas Studios and its body of work within the Film, TV and Games industry, the Art Department’s role has never been as important as it is now. Our involvement in early pre-production work when it comes to visual development, character and environment design has become a crucial foundation, not only when creating new IPs but also during production and in post to assist and ensure the highest level of quality.

Combining the many years of experience in the industry together with the ambition of taking it to the next level is key. We – as individuals but most importantly as a department – love to tell and help to tell great stories. This will always be our main focus and goal. Always.

Drop us a mail and we’ll tell you more about our Art Department.

Services include 

  • Art Direction,
  • Concept Art,
  • Key art,
  • Character & Creature design