Capture & Scanning

Motion is the key

Our brand new Performance Capture Studio in Stockholm is one of the most modern studios of its kind the world, and our Capture team is both experienced and innovative – providing effective Motion Capture productions for both Games, Cinematics, Commercials, Feature films and TV-series. 

Our in-house 3D Face and Body scanning facility was originally built in collaboration with The Royal Institute of Technology KTH in Stockholm and is today one of the most advanced facilities in the business.

All of this combined with the talents of our Designers, Modelers, Riggers, Lookdev artists and Animators has made us one of the world’s foremost experts on creating Digital Humans, arguably one of the hardest challenges there is in this business.


Services include

  • Digital Humans,
  • Digital doubles,
  • Virtual Influencers,
  • Motion Capture,
  • Performance Capture,
  • 3D animation (face and body),
  • 3D Scanning (face and body),
  • Rigging,
  • V-cam,
  • Casting,