See S3

We were happy to deliver VFX for the third season of “See”, created by Steven Knight and starring Jason Momoa. The series premiered August 26th 2022.
Above is a VFX Breakdown of our work on one of the sequences.


Goodbye Kansas team:
VFX Supervisor: Felipe Borges
CG Supervisor: Joakim Eriksson
Executive Producer: Matilda Olsson
VFX Producer: Lena-Carolin Lohfink
VFX Coordinator: David Enbom, Emma Lindqvist, Ferenc Orosz

Compositing Supervisor: Daniel Norlund
Compositing: Andreas Cronström, Calle Granström, Dean Yaw, Ebo Rose, Fredrik Höglin, Fredrik Larsson, Guillaume Ritt, Hannah Myllyoja, Kalle Kohlstrom, Karl Rydhe, Krzysztrof Lucki, Lukasz Przybytek, Martin Borell, Martin Sazesh, Max Wester, Oscar Lilja, Peter Blomstrand, Sergio Grana, Szymon Jaskula, Tomas Näslund
Layout Lead: Souvik Mitra
Layout/Matchmove: Oliver Askew, Svetoslav Petkov
Environment Lead: Gi Choi, Jacob Molianen
Environment Modelling & LookDev: Andreas Leijon, Branko Basarovski, Fabian Zackrisson, Jesper Bardhamre, Oscar Lilja, Tony Alamo, Willy Kratochwill, Lukas McBride
Character Lead: Axel Flovin, Sandra Isaksson
Character Modelling & LookDev: Isaac Olander, Fabian Zackrisson, Erika Johansson
Rigging: Gabija Smalinskaite, Peter Jemstedt, Stephanie Holder
CFX: Ludvig Eliasson, Navjin Khosravi, David Vincze
Animation Supervisor: Raoul Cacciamani
Character Animation: Christina Sidoti, Michael Hall, Robert Babenko, Rodrigo Torres
Lighting Lead: Erika Johansson
Lighting: Kenny Ip, Oscar Lilja, Willy Kratochwill
FX Lead: Martin Widö
FX: Filip Orrby, Jorge Segura, Ludvig Eliasson, Ludvig Jonsson, Martin Aufinger, Max Öberg, Pawel Jasinski, Pirmin Filz, Sebastian Ekman, Victor Wagner
Editorial; Conor Byrne, Caio Simbula
Concept Artists: Mikael Widegren, Gabriel Björk Stiernström, Ellie Cooper, Till-Valentin Holder
Lead Digital Matte Painter: Mikael Widegren
DMP: Gabriel Björk Stiernström, Thomas Moor

Goodbye Kansas Studios Capture Department
Head of Capture: Chris Jestico
Head of Motion Capture: Samuel Tyskling
Motion Capture Supervisor: Samuel Tyskling
Motion Capture Lead: David Grice
First Assistant Director: Axel Gärkman
Shoot Coordinator: Axel Gärkman, Franziska Ewigleben
Motion Capture Operator: Ed Reeler
Database Operator Oskar Olsson
Props & Staging: David Sagesen
Motion Capture Data Artist: Jan Germala, Nils Aulin, Ed Reeler
Production Assistance (GBK Frontdesk team): Harrison Ryder, Felicia Brolin, Kara Ingram, Emma Appelgren
Stunt Coordinator: Johan Lindqvist
Motion Capture Performers: Johan Lindqvist: Jan Lindqvist: Lukas Larsson

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