Life is dangerous and daily work can hold many dangers. This commercial for SUVA (the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund) shows five “almost accidents” – close encounters with danger at five working places. The tagline says it all: “Life is beautiful – as long as nothing happens!”
Goodbye Kansas provided all VFX (including Animation, Digital Matte Painting, CG Robot, Set Extension, Rotoscoping, Tracking and Compositing) and made sure no worker was hurt in the process.


VFX breakdown


Director: Tobias Fueter
Agency: Stories AG

Goodbye Kansas team
Executive Producer: Petra Monheim
VFX Supervisor: Richard Lyons
2nd VFX Supervisor: Andreas Cronström, Finn Jäger
On-Set VFX Supervisor: Denis Krez
VFX Producer: Lena-Carolin Lohfink, Wiebke Warndorf
VFX Coordinator: Anna Thenberg
Compositing: Richard Lyons, Oskar Lundmark, Martin Borell, Lars Wallund, Denys Holovyanko
Matte Painting: Mikael Widegren
Concept: Henrik Lundblad
Modeling/LookDev: Martin Sordes
Rigging: Stephanie Holder
Animation: Fredrik Olsson, Christina Sidoti
Lighting: Axel Flovin
Editorial/Online: Henrik Klein, Caio Simbula

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