The Rig

The Rig is a supernatural thriller television series created by David Macpherson for Amazon Prime Video, a story about a group of workers on a remote Scottish oil rig that are due to return to the mainland when a mysterious fog cloaks them and supernatural forces take hold.
We were happy to be one of the VFX vendors for the series.


Client: Amazon
Director: John Strickland

Visual Effects by Goodbye Kansas Studios
VFX Supervisor: Ditch Doy
VFX Producer: Daniel Evans
VFX Exec Producer: James Prosser, Paula Pope
CG Supervisor: James Sutton
Lighting Supervisor: Peter Seager
Comp Supervisor: Rafal Kaniewski
Comp Leads: Shani Hermoni, Chiara Costantino
VFX Line Producer: Dominique Routledge-Scoles
VFX Coordinators: Annie Wire, Chris Bird, Didem Bayrak, Eve Park, Richard Bruce
VFX Editorial: David Palm
Concept Artist: Rafael Morant

Digital Artists: Adam Guzoski, Alex Fernandez, Alex Telehie, Alexander Glukhova, Arthur Guibert, Attila Gasparetz, Charlotte Larive, David Ruis, Denys Holovyanko, Edouard Calemard, Elise Smullova, Evgenios Kakolyris, Fabiano Waewell, Fabrizia Bonaventura, Fredrik Larsson, Guillaume Ritt, Guillermo Algora, Hannah Myllyoja, Jamie Buckingham, Joe Arnold, Lucia Basile, Luka Zabret, Lukasz Przybytek, Lyubov Spasova, Max Wester, Olga Konstantinova, Olov Samuelsson, Oscar Lilja, Peter Blomstrand, Phil Smith, Philipp Zaufel, Richard Vosper-Carey, Robin Zeijlon, Rodgrio Torres, Sebastien Tafani, Stephanie Holder, Talia Bunsee, Thomas Hurd, Timothy Stam, Tomas Näslund, Willy Kratchowill, Zivan Petricevic

Pipeline TD: Paul Barton
Systems Administrator: Dean Estcourt

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