“Interrogation” is a true-crime drama series in which the viewer becomes the detective. It’s based on a true story that spanned more than 20 years, in which a young man was charged and convicted of brutally murdering his mother.
The series is made in a new innovative narrative format, described like this by CBS: “Viewers will see the day of the crime and then follow the evidence like a cold case detective, abandon the linear narrative and determine their own investigative path by watching the episodes leading up to the finale in any order.”

The series is produced by CBS Television Studios and Fabrik Entertainment, and Goodbye Kansas delivered 198 VFX shots.
“Interrogation” premiered on CBS in February 2020.



Executive Producers: Tom Olsson, Julia Fergusson
VFX Producer: Hanna Nordersnö
VFX Line Producer: Alexander Darrell
Coordinator: Bhairavi Kulkarni
VFX Supervisor: Andreas Cronström
CG Supervisors: Erika Johansson, Joakim Olsson
Compositors (Stockholm): Hannah Myllyoja, Denys Holovyanko, Daniel Norlund, Peter Blomstrand, Tomas Näslund, Martin Borell, Olov Samuelsson, Fredrik Höglin, Emelie Nilsson, Markus Bergqvist, Lars Wallund, Karl Rydhe, Zebastian Lilja, Simon Backlund, Oskar Lundmark, Richard Sällqvist
Compositors (London): Elise Smulova, Jeanette Monero, Jeremy Hey, Jamie Buckingham, Charlotte Larive, Mara Angioletti, Guillermo Algora, Lee Watson
DMP Artist: Mikael Widegren, Teo Mathlein, Mikael Eriksson
Layout/Matchmove Artists: Oliver Askew, Marco Sjöberg, Joe Arnold
Modellers: Gustav Alexandersson, Akif Top, Saleh Najib, Mikael Andersson
Rigging Artists: Gabija Smalinskaite, Jimmy Johansson
LookDev Artists: Jacob Moilanen, Jesper Bardhamre, Lukas McBride
Keyframe Animators:Christina Sidoti, Fredrik Olsson, Jonathan Skifs, Jonas Forsman
FX Artists: Max Öberg, David Vestin
VFX Editorial: Caio Simbula, Henrik Klein

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