The Walking Dead S8

Our VFX work on season 8 of The Walking Dead involved plenty of digital walkers, and this gave us the opportunity to take full advantage of the fact that we have our very own in-house Motion Capture studio.

Here’s a selection of VFX shots we worked on for season 8, including the gruesome VFX for the “Walker Grinder” sequence in ep 810.


VFX Supervisor: Andreas Cronström
3D Lead: Joakim Olsson
VFX Executive Producer: Claes Dietmann
VFX Producer: Matilda Olsson
Coordinator: Jona Karen Wedholm
Lead Character Artist: Daniel Bystedt
Character Artists: Frans Åkerman, Erik Hallberg, Joakim Olsson
Modeling: Rodrigo Vivedes, Gustav Alexandersson, Mica Olsson, Jacob Moilanen, Magnus Andersson, Joakim Olsson, Sandra Isaksson, Magnus Eriksson, Erik Hallberg, Jesper Bardhamre, Frans Åkerman, Lukas McBride
Rigging TD: Jimmy Johansson, Joakim Olsson, Cameron Scott, Jacob Moilanen, Peter Jemstedt, Riham Toulan, Gustav Alexandersson
Cloth TD: Ludvig Eliasson, Saleh Najib, Richard Lyons
Animation Lead: Christina Sidoti
Animation: Fredrik Olsson, Jonas Forsman, Robert Rosén, Staffan Linder, Jonas Ekman, Jacob Moilanen, Jesus Ruiz-Torres, Jonathan Skifs
Motion Edit Supervisor: Johan Fröjd
Motion Editors: Frida Safar, Dusan Vlatkovic,Viktor Kostik
Lookdev: Rodrigo Vivedes, Erika Johansson, Mica Olsson, Sean Kalamgi, Jacob Moilanen, Saleh Najib, Daniel Bystedt, Sandra Isaksson, Frans Åkerman, Filip Orrby, Joakim Olsson, Alexis Andersson, Jesper Bardhamre, David Vestin, Gustav Alexandersson, Magnus Eriksson
Light/Render: Rodrigo Vivedes, Erika Johansson, Joakim Olsson, Sean Kalamgi, Jacob Moilanen, Simon Rainerson, Mica Olsson, Alexis Andersson, Jesper Bardhamre, Frans Åkerman, Gustav Alexandersson
FX Lead: Filip Orrby
FX: David Vestin, Ludvig Jonsson, Max Öberg, Martin Widö, Richard Lyons, Jonathan Enström
Crowd: Joakim Olsson, David Vestin, Simon Rainerson
Compositing Lead: Fredrik Höglin
Compositing: Karl Rydhe, Tomas Näslund, Denys Holovyanko, Edu Leon, Hannah Myllyoja, Sven Ahlström, Mattias Sandelius, Robin Zeijlon, Richard Sällqvist, Max Wester, Fredrik Mannerfelt, Tim Harrysson, Martin Borell, Andreas Cronström
Compositing interns: Marcus Dempwolf-Holm, Lars Englund
3d tracking / Layout : Jacob Moilanen, Magnus Andersson
Previs: Jacob Moilanen, Joakim Olsson
Concept & DMP: Mikael Widegren, Mikael Eriksson, Teo Mathlein, Kait Kybar, Laurent Clermont
Editor: Henrik Klein, Finn Jäger

Goodbye Kansas Studios Capture Division
Executive Producer: Anton Söderhäll
Mocap Supervisor: Samuel Tyskling
Mocap Lead: David Grice
Stage Manager: Marko Marinkovic
Senior Tracker: Nils Aulin
Junior Mocap Technician: Oskar Olsson
Mocap TD: Oskar Eriksson

Performance Actors:
Anton Söderhäll
Oskar Olsson
Marko Marinkovic
David Grice
Martin Zetterlund
Moa Malan
Johan Lindqvist
Nilla Hansson

IT / Pipeline
Lead Pipeline Engineer: Erik Johansson
Pipeline Engineer: Joakim Johansson
System Operators: Thomas Ericsson, Max Erlandsson, Emil Ferdinandsson

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