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PUBLISHED 5 days ago

VR Art at Art Basel

In December 2017, Swedish Photographer/Artist Jacob Felländer inaugurated his latest art exhibition “How To Unlock A Portal” at the Museum Of Contemporary Art in Miami. One significant part of the exhibition is a VR experience where visitors can travel inside one of his pictures, – an experience created by Goodbye Kansas, in close collaboration with […] Read more...

PUBLISHED 2 months ago

Goodbye Kansas HQ Webcam

Welcome to the construction site of our new headquarters. It might still not look like much but in the summer of 2019 you will find a brand new house here, filled with digital wonders and creative energy: The Goodbye Kansas Building in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm. Five floors filled with creativity and technical excellence, including a […] Read more...

PUBLISHED 3 months ago

VFX for Thelma

Joachim Trier’s thriller “Thelma” has been called a ”Scandinavian Carrie” and an “arthouse Firestarter”. And just like in Stephen King’s classic novel and Brian De Palmas equally classic film adaption, Trier’s story focuses on a young girl with strange telekinetic powers. Only this girl is a Norwegian college student, and the story plays out against […] Read more...